Lose a Stone in Two Months

Are you planning to lose a stone within two months? If you’re worried about how everything will go, here’s an overview of the process that you need to remember.

The Two Month Process

If you think that two months is a long time for you to lose a stone, you’re wrong. Two months is the preferred period of time for you to lose a stone. Losing a stone shorter than two months is very dangerous. Also, it will give you more time to adjust to your training regimen and diet plan.

Within two months, you are expected to have some progress when on your fourth week. You will eventually adapt to the methods you will use during your journey. You will also apply the “switching method”, add new healthy habits and switching to your old, bad ones. This method comes in the form of a balance and well-calculated diet meal plan. To fulfill your goal, you must follow all the guidelines and rules that you have listed down.

Moreover, your plan must also be divided into stages. This is for you to achieve every task that you are supposed to do.

  • The Planning Process
    • This process is where everything starts. It’s essential to assess and visualize you going through the process and making progress. Measure and determine all the necessary food you need and flesh out your training regimen. 
    • The first eight weeks will be crucial, especially if this is your first time trying to lose a stone. For people who have tried to lose weight, they can add up some of the habits and routines that they’ve done previously. Also, keep in mind that each week there must be some development with your body. It might not be a tremendous amount of weight loss, but there must be a difference in your body from before. Losing one to two pounds per week is the preferred number for you to lose. 
    • Some people do their planning process weekly. They try to plan everything first before starting the first week, and when it’s done, they try to evaluate their performance. This might be an effective way of monitoring yourself regularly. The good thing about it is that you’ll be able to adjust everything else that is needed every week. If during the first week, you have not lost a pound or two, you can double your efforts the following week and see the results.
    • However, unlike having a complete 8-week plan, the process of managing your goals per week might be tedious. Still, both of these ways would work out for you to lose a stone.
  • The Diet Plan
    • To lose weight, it’s 30% training and 70% nutrition. The foods that you eat matters a lot to your progress. This lockdown period may have led you to eat a lot of unnecessary and unhealthy foods. I don’t blame you. Everyone has been locked in their homes and have been stuck for some time. But, if you plan to lose a stone you must switch your eating habits. 
    • As you create your diet plan, make sure that you are not only cutting down calories but are getting enough protein and other nutrients. Protein will play a significant role in your journey as it will help you improve your appetite. 
    • For instance, many foods will support your body in losing a stone. The common foods that you can eat are grains, berries, eggs, and toast sandwiches during breakfast. You can be creative as much as you’d like in combining these foods. There are also recipes available online that you could try to cook for yourself. 
    • On the other hand, your lunch can be served with chicken breast, lean meat, pasta on the side, sausages, and leafy vegetables. Don’t forget to pair your main course with baked potato or any type of salad that you may like. You can also have desserts! But, they should be healthy. It means having fruits, yoghurt, smoothies, or fresh juices. 
    • For your dinner, you can cook and prepare a club sandwich, tuna, salmon, or just a pasta meal. Ensure that you are filling half of your plate with loads of leafy vegetables. This will help you balance all the foods that you eat. 
    • You can have snacks alongside having your meals, but not too much. These foods must be served by a handful. These snacks can be dark chocolate, nuts, berries, and fruits for your meals. 
  • Your Training Plan
    • While you follow your diet plan entirely, you also need to train. This is the other part of losing weight. Otherwise, If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can try to exercise daily for 30 minutes by doing some walking, jogging, running and swimming.
    • One of the better ways for you to efficiently keep your progress monitored and on track is to create a calendar and a schedule. Some even use applications that will notify them whenever they need to go for a run or a walk. Also, you could use some of the training patterns available on different sites.

Final Thoughts

If you still doubt if you can lose a stone in two months, don’t. Anything is possible, you only need to have the proper mindset during the whole process. What’s more, if you’re trying to make an extra effort, you might achieve your goal within less than two months. However, you must never push yourself beyond your limit.

A two-month process is a good time for you to adjust and make everything spot on. If you’re seeing a lot of people losing a stone within a week or three weeks, you should not try it. Take note that losing a stone in a short amount of time might lead you to problems and complications.

There will be a lot of challenges that you will encounter, especially if you decided to do it during this quarantine period. Temptations are everywhere, and you might not be able to control yourself. Thus, when this happens, focus only on your goal and results. Why not set a goal like losing a stone by Christmas? Since the season nearing, maybe it’s time for you to get a perfect and healthy body. Not only to look good but to feel good and become an inspiration to everyone else.