What Are The Benefits Of A 24 Hour Fast When Looking To Lose A Stone?

One of the biggest questions I often get is, “How do I get stones quickly?” There are, of course, many ways to fix it, but today we will discuss 24-hour fasting and its benefits.

It should be mentioned that the person who is in favour of this type of fasting is Brad Pilon (Brad Pilon), who wrote a great book “Eat Stop Eating”. For anyone looking for more information about this fast, I highly recommend that you read his book. This is a small excerpt of the content promoted in this book. Brad is clearly an expert in this field, but I’ll make it as user-friendly as possible.

The two simplest benefits of a 24-hour fast are plain, simple, it can be adapted to any lifestyle you already have, and second, it’s hard to screw up. I mean, there’s just one rule: skip meals for 24 hours.

Fasting for 24 hours will naturally increase your calorie expenditure, which will play a big part in your goal of losing stones. Combining some strategic practices ensures consistent results.

Besides calorie intake, they are high-quality hormones and the effect of 24 hours fasting on them is super special. Now I am talking about two hormones: insulin and growth hormone.

Insulin and growth hormone:

Don’t over-teach your science – in fact, the less you eat – the less insulin you put in – so guess what? Well, the less often we increase insulin, the more fat we burn, and the faster you lose stones. This even includes whether you eat the same amount of the same food.

Sounds good so far, yes, but when we introduce growth hormone, the results are more complicated.

When insulin and growth hormone are both low, the fat loss effect of yours (think I just coined a new term) is shallow. So maybe you see what I want to take, we want to be in a position where GH is on the rise.

Our body will increase the secretion of GH under the following three specific conditions:

1. When we sleep / after

2. After exercise (within 10-15 minutes)

3. When we fast / after

By making full use of these 3 specific times, we can increase GH and combine with improved insulin sensitivity burn BOOM fat, lose stone heaven!

Also, it is actually a very flexible way of long-term fasting, suitable for any schedule, social activities, and you can move anytime. This is just one way you can include your diet to help you get rid of stones.