Katy Perry’s Healthy Weight Gain and Loss

During the quarantine, all of us were unable to leave out homes. People that used to regularly leave their homes to exercise or get some fresh air were stuck in their homes. Many of us ended up snacking on anything that was available at home. As a result, many of those that had a big stock of food at home gained weight.

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing to gain weight. After all, there are certain body types that need more weight or some are in a situation in which their body needs more nutrients than usual and that includes pregnancy.

Katy Perry experienced this first-hand.

While pregnant in quarantine, Katy Perry faced a lot of things as an expecting mother.

In an interview for SHEIN Together, a virtual event held on Saturday (May 9, 2020) to benefit the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization (WHO), Perry admitted that pregnancy hormones are in full effect.

“I would say I have five good days and two days where I just, I cry when I look down at my toes or I cry when just doing simple tasks,” she said, speaking to her laptop, which she casually mentioned was sitting on top of a trash can viewers couldn’t see. “I also think a lot of that is probably hormonal.”

“And I’m not used to being around so many people all in a confined space for so long,” added Perry, who is engaged to Orlando Bloom. “I’m used to kind of going all the time. I like my own kind of alone time, and there’s not really anywhere to go for that besides my car. I go to my car a lot — it’s parked outside my house.”

She’s acknowledged that the weight gain may be because of the virus quarantine as well. She doesn’t fall short of flaunting her baby bump and even revealed that she was currently at 190 pounds, jokingly calling herself “large marge in charge.”

“I’m really grateful for my body,” Perry said. “Going through this process you get a whole new viewpoint.”

There’s also a stage in everyone’s pregnancy where they’re “swollen” but Katy Perry does not let anything slow her down.

“I’m a very active woman… and during this time of COVID — and quite frankly an American revolution — I have been also putting out songs and heading towards putting out a record,” Perry said. “I’m working really hard. The one blessing is I don’t have to travel extremely.”

“I like not watching the hands of time roll by,” she later added. “I like being a mother on the move.”

Pregnancy to all mothers is an opportunity to gain nutrients for the new member of the family that you want to raise. Every bit of food helps them and so gaining weight is inevitable.

Katy Perry embraced that change in her body and just 14 months after her daughter’s birth, she lost that weight once again, flaunting her figure in a stunning dress.

Katy Perry is an inspiration to all moms and future moms that pregnancy is a journey one must enjoy.