Piers Morgan Looks To Reverse 2 Stone Weight Gain

Those who watch Good Morning Britain will no doubt be aware of Piers Morgan’s weight troubles during lockdown.  The portly host of the popular morning TV program has piled on over two stone over lockdown due to a sedentary lifestyle and overindulgence.

Piers Morgan has gone on record telling reporters that his co-star, Suzanna Reid calls him names such as “Chubster”.  He stands at 6ft, 1 inch and is currently estimated to weigh nearly 18 stone which makes him obese.  The paunchy presenter is said to reached this milestone with an opulent diet of fine cheeses and expensive red wine.

Piers Morgan Before 2 Stone Weight Gain

Piers’ wife Celia is helping him in his campaign, he revealed.  The stout newsreader recently told a national newspaper: “I will find a new personal trainer, and sadly Celia’s taken it quite seriously, so suddenly it is all of the good stuff’s gone and all the kale’s come in and the quinoa and vegetables. A good deal of vegetables. A good deal of salmon.”

It is not Piers’ first attempt to slim down. He has successfully lost weight in the past when he worked with his private trainer in LA.

On most evenings during lockdown, piers is said to pass the time by relaxing on his sofa with a bottle of Macon Villages while watching football or news and toiling away on twitter.  The wine of often accompanied with Époisses de Bourgogne cheese.  Furthermore he is said to have a sweet tooth also, and often ends the night with a Mars Bar.

Piers’ co host Susanna Reid is also said to have put on a stone throughout lockdown.  She confessed to fitness expert and interviewee Joe Wicks: “I’m going to be fighting with the lockdown stone.”  Before her weight gain, Susanna lost 1.5 stone.

So can lose a stone in a month like Piers? The answer is YES! Due to the fact that he is in an obese category, 3/4 pounds of weight loss per week can be sustained for a month.  First things first is to cut out the alcohol and carbs and start to move more.