Mary Lou Mcdonald’s Weight Loss

Literal years have passed, and although it seems like things are mellowing down and going back to normal, it’s important to look at how the Coronavirus has affected us all. More specifically, one of the people that were directly affected by it, Mary Lou Mcdonald.

Mary Lou Has said to have lost 40 pounds in the last 9 months after Coronavirus hit her bad.

Mary Louise Mcdonald is an Irish Sinn Féin politician who has served as Leader of the Opposition in Ireland since June 2020 and President of Sinn Féin since February 2018. Back when the world was still lacking in information about the virus, Mary and her husband tested positive and she remembered being scared in her own home knowing something like that was with them. As a mother of two, she was one of the lucky ones that were able to recover at home and not be separated from her family at the hospital.

According to Mary, she was fortunate with her general practitioner that gave her great care over the phone, helping her survive the virus on her own. She’s thankful that she didn’t end up in the hospital, something that surely would’ve made things worse for her.

“It’s nothing like the flu, it’s not like a common cold, unless you are very lucky, in my experience the symptoms can be quite severe,” Mary said in an interview with RSVP Magazine. “It’s frightening because it started as something that was happening in China, and it looked terrifying, then it came to Europe, specifically Northern Italy, and it looked terrifying, and then in no time, it’s in your home. That’s a very frightening situation.”

Additionally, she mentioned that the lesson she learned about herself during the pandemic was to learn that it pays to take your time. By moving at a steady pace, she was able to avoid missing out on the nice and simple things, allowing her to never lose the things that light up her life. Mary said that she realized that life is great and being well is great and we shouldn’t take it for granted.

As we all know, the Coronavirus affects everything in the life of everyone, not just the person infected by it. Your senses are compromised, contact with everyone is severely limited, and getting things done is a lot harder especially if you’re symptomatic. After being infected, it surely affected Mary Liu’s appetite in a lot of ways. After all, when people get sick, everything starts to taste bad and as a result, people eat less.

Mary Lou surely lost a bit of weight due to her illness. The sickness made her family life during the lockdown “really tough” on everybody including her kids.

She told RSVP Magazine, “My kids are teenagers so I felt very sorry for them that the whole year and now the summer has been disrupted, that’s been really tough. But the upside has been that we’ve had lots of time at home together.”

Mary Lou McDonald’s weight loss is a great example of not letting the virus affect the way we live our life. It may have been very difficult for us to be unable to leave our homes, but it surely led to us learning how to appreciate the smallest things.