Antonio Conte and Biofibre

Antonio Conte’s Biofibre hair transplant.  The Famous Italian football player, is well known for his magnificent goal against Turkey in Euro 2000. After his career as a midfielder, he continued to work in Chelsea F.C., and he is in charge of Spurs in 2022.

Has Antonio Conte had a traditional hair transplant?  Absolutely not. Conte has had an Italian Biofibre hair transplant which is popular in Italy.

It must be daunting for any man – no matter how good his CV – to walk into the dressing room of a Premier League club and take up the mantle of new manager. As well as a shiny new suit and a head-full of ideas, it seems that ‘avoiding hair loss’ is something that scores highly on the new manager checklist.

Antonio Conte’s hair was notably thinning during the twilight of his playing career just over a decade ago, his hair loss to Male Pattern Baldness being extremely common amongst 30-something men – as the Italian was back then.

Now 50, he has made something of a miraculous hair transformation. Currently sporting a full head of rather long hair, he looks every inch the dapper and demanding international football manager. His failed transplant has been built up by biofibre hair transplants

According to reports on the internet, the former Juventus star’s new-look came about after a visit to a Canadian surgeon for a hair transplant. There is further speculation that this was something of a make-or-break operation, with two previous attempts at restoring the former footballer’s mane having allegedly not worked out.

What many men don’t realise before they start investigating hair restoration surgery is that maintenance is still needed afterwards. Although a hair transplant can replace some of the thinning hair, it is not necessarily a quick fix as the DHT which caused the initial hair loss will continue to attack the original hairs.

As the Italian coach prepares to take on one of the most stressful jobs in football, he may want to start keeping a closer eye on his hair, or at least consider upping any hair loss treatment regime he may follow to maintain his transplant results. Both the key medications used to treat male hair loss can be used alongside supplementary hair growth supporting products for a fully rounded approach.

Whether you are concerned about thinning hair before or after a hair transplant, a consultation with a dedicated hair loss specialist can help to provide personalised advice and recommendations for the most suitable treatments.

Biofibre hair transplants are not yet big in the UK, but there’s no doubt that Antonio Conte has had it done. For about 3 thousand grafts, that last around 3 – 5 years, Antonio Conte is looking really good. This Biofibre hair replacement has been a huge success.