Ed Sheeran’s Fantastic 50 Pound Weight Loss

We all know Ed Sheeran from his long legacy of inspiring and emotional songs that speak to our hearts. At only 31 years old, he became one of the most successful and famous male solo artists in the world. He’s written dozens of personal hits and even some for different famous artists.

Ed Sheeran is adored and loved around the world, known for his talent and sincere actions. While he may be one of the wealthiest artists, Ed Sheeran isn’t known for his ability to spend that cash. He, in fact, has a reputation for having normal spending habits.

He has been relatively under the radar with the rise of new stars such as Megan Thee Stallion and many more but how has he been recently? 

After he gained weight on his tour and years of smoking, he spoke about losing 50 pounds. In an interview on “Behind the Medal” podcast released on December 20, 2019, the British singer revealed that he quit smoking three years prior and got into running to clean his lungs out.

When Ed Sheeran gained attention from all the weight he lost back in 2018, he decided to open up about his diet and lifestyle. Since he travelled around the world as an artist, he used to only eat what was convenient: pizza and beer. 

“I didn’t realize how active I was on tour,” he revealed in an interview (via Life and Style). “My diet was pizza and beer, but because I was doing two hours a night I was really in shape.”

Even though his performances don’t typically require choreography, they still burn lots of calories and require a lot of energy. “I jump up and down on boxes, when I’m finished I’m drenched in sweat,” Ed said. “And just under those lights, just sweating, you drop off a bunch.”

His tours are packed, located in different places, and among the highest-grossing of all time, it is no surprise that they are exhausting for him.  

Ed Sheeran gained weight after all of that activity. He had way less exercise without the live performances but he didn’t reduce the number of calories he was consuming. In a sudden realization, he was surprised to discover he no longer fit in anything. 

According to Insider, Ed Sheeran was never insecure about his body and always comfortable with his weight, until trolls commented on his appearance.

People on the internet went and called him “chunky” and “fat,” leading to his worries on how he looked. It’s easy to say “just ignore the trolls” but it is wired in our natural instinct to notice and focus on the negative things we see and hear about ourselves. It is people’s responsibility to respect others and keep anything hurtful to themselves.

“I never once had any insecurities really about myself until people pointed them out,” he said (via Insider). “Your brain starts thinking about them.” 

Even though comments from other people led Ed to develop his own insecurities, he did share that he knew the people saying unkind things were just insecure themselves:

“It all stems from other people’s insecurities. So many people have so many things they’re insecure about so it makes them feel better to point out someone else’s. Half the people that would say I was fat would be fat themselves.” 

Ed also ended up comparing himself to other artists. “I was the same sort of age as the One Direction boys and Justin Bieber and all these people that were really in shape and had six packs and I was kind of like, ‘Oh should I be looking like this?’”

By upping his exercise routine, Ed Sheeran shed the 50 pounds that were starting to bother him. He explained that he incorporated a quick interval training regimen into his daily lifestyle in which he did ten minutes a day without fail intervals of 30 seconds sprinting and 30 jogging. He avoided doing more than that everyday by not missing out on the pattern.

He tries variations by doing longer bouts of running, swimming, and sit-ups. Ed also changed the foods the took by reducing the amount of junk food he would regularly eat. He also cut out beer until he reached his desired weight.

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