Lose Weight by Ditching Alcohol

You can definitely lose weight by changing the meals you take, but did you ever consider that maybe it’s the alcohol that’s preventing you from seeing the results you want?

Alcohol has calories too, higher than most people realise! A pint of lager, for example, contains around 180 calories, which is approximately the same as a slice of pizza! Some people might stay away from junk food and snacks during a diet but then have a few drinks late at night. It might seem like nothing because diet sites and websites don’t normally mention it, but alcohol has a lot of empty calories.

A large glass of white wine could hold the same calories as an ice cream and cone, the calories in those few drinks can quickly add up and eat into your daily recommended calorie intake.

Besides the empty calories, alcohol can affect your weight in many ways. Alcohol has been studied and proven to have a negative effect on your sleep patterns. Drinking before you go to bed can increase alpha wave patterns in the brain; a kind of cerebral activity that only usually occurs when you’re awake. This results in restless sleep that will affect your weight. When you are sleep deprived, you develop appetite issues that may urge you to snack more often. If you’re having trouble sleeping, watch your technology consumption instead.

Drinking alcohol increases risks of gaining weight, because it tends to encourage unhealthy habits, like disinterest in exercise when dealing with a hangover, getting calorific takeaway foods alongside a pint, raiding the fridge after a glass of wine in the evening, and more. It will be the enabling factor for unhealthy habits in your lifestyle.

Will you lose weight if you ditch alcohol? Definitely.

Your calorie intake will significantly decrease, give you better sleep, encourage more activity, and discourage unhealthy eating habits.