Drew Barrymore’s Hard Work Dedicated to Health

Drew Barrymore has been on our screens for decades. From E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, to Charlie’s Angels, Ever After, and many more, she said that the time and effort she takes to prepare for these projects have been a lot. Barrymore admits she’s “not a straight arrow” when it comes to diet and fitness.

“I will never be all one thing—eating the perfect food and working out every day. I just will never be that person,” she said in a new interview with Health. “Between my kids and work, I don’t have the time in life.”

Despite everything, she is still committed to making sure she stays healthy. Besides being consistent with eating healthy, she manages to squeeze in some exercise because that always makes her feel better. Barrymore says that workouts were just third in her list of priorities, her kids and work are the rivals at the top.

Although she still struggles to find balance, as any normal person would find difficulty in, she has been feeling good after the changes.  “[The past year] has been, in a lot of ways, a really healthy year for me, ironically, considering everything going on,” Barrymore said. “I exercise, and I had already gained the weight everyone else talked about gaining—I had been doing that every year prior.”

In February 2020, Barrymore opened up about losing 20 pounds and her struggles with positive body image. In one of her Instagram posts, she said that her weight has fluctuated over the years just like most women did. Like a rollercoaster, her body has been a challenge but a beautiful ride.

To reach her ideals, Barrymore focused on yoga for its natural benefits to one’s mind and body. She also does full-body workouts to break a sweat and stretch her body for better mobility. She said it’s all about finding what works for your body, highlighting the importance of making time for yourself throughout the day.