The Fattest Boy in the Whole World Loses 12 Stone

The fattest boy in the whole world has shed his title – along with 12 stone – after going on a diet. The youngster weighed a massive 30 stone at the age of ten, and couldn’t walk or play with his chums.

The boy’s parents were left heartbroken as he was missing out on school. Due to his massive frame, the boy couldn’t get there. Due to this, he had no choice but to stay at home. He would often have spent his days on his phone or sitting in a paddling pool to try and cool himself down.

The boy’s name is Arya Permana, he is 12, from West Java, Indonesia. Arya was once so obese he couldn’t get out of his bed, but due to the dramatic weight loss of 12 stone, he is now able to play sports and run around with his pals.

Arya weighed 7 lbs when he was born – but by the age of 2, his weight pilled on. He continued to gain weight, and his parents tried to get help from health care professionals after becoming concerned by his ravenous appetite.

Arya has managed to turn it around, losing a colossal 12 stone after going on an and exercise regime and strict diet. The boy now walks to school, plays badminton and football, and even runs for more than a mile every day.

Arya’s parents Ade Somantri, 47, and Rokayah Somantri, 37, are now happy that their son can lead the same life like his friends. Rokayah said: “He is very active and in good health. We are very happy to see him leading a healthy life. He can also walk without complaining of shortness of breath.” “It feels wonderful to see him playing and going to school as normal.”

Arya’s weight loss was assisted by surgery. The first month after his operation he lost over 3 stone. That was in 2017, and he became the youngest person ever to have a laborious gastric sleeve operation. Before he underwent surgery he had been officially declared the heaviest boy in the world according to the Guinness World Records. As a result of the surgery, he can not eat a lot of food. He drinks low-calorie milk and can only eat four tablespoons of rice. If he eats more than this, he becomes sick. His new diet means that he has to stay away from carbs. Arya Permana now is a symbol of hope for people who wants to start and lose weight.