How I Lost 3 Stones and You Can Too!

Having trouble losing weight? Did you make a plan but never stuck to it? Did you feel like nothing’s happening and decided to give up? Don’t worry, these thoughts are normal. I had them too. These are doubts that will never leave your mind, it’s your job to find ways to outmaneuver them. And I did! All it took was dedication and patience. If you want to know my weight loss plan, continue reading.

In any case, over the past year, I’ve developed a weight loss plan that worked for me. I hope this plan can help you lose three stones like me.

– No food after 8 pm. This ensures that you wouldn’t eat at night even if you have the munchies. Being strict with yourself will help in your weight loss endeavor

– Never skip breakfast. I’ve always felt guilty about this, but it’s essential to start the metabolism and encourage it to burn fat in the morning. Your body always needs fuel in the morning.

– Protein in everything. Protein is the most important ingredient in all my meals. Lunch can be a tuna salad, while dinner can be chicken breast and green beans.

-Stop drinking alcohol. Since each drink is high in calories, alcohol can seriously affect weight loss. If you absolutely can’t live without a glass of red wine, make sure to double your effort to burn calories make up for the alcohol.

-Drink 2 litres of water. Drinking the right amount of water ensures that your body can perform the fat burning process correctly.

The above techniques may not be revolutionary, but they are essential for weight loss, so they should be followed at all costs. I find it very helpful to keep a diary of my diet and exercise, so if it doesn’t work out, I can find out exactly why and do adjustments from there.