Gregg Wallace Loses 4 Stone

Gregg Wallace recently opened up about balancing his hectic lifestyle with a fitness regime and healthy eating. The once portly baker dropped a whopping four-stone weight and has decided to cash in on it by starting his own diet website. But keep that credit card in your pocket as everything you need is in this article and on

Gregg is currently doing the rounds on Morning and Daytime TV, including Good Morning Britain and was told by his doctor to change his lifestyle or die! The MasterChef host said “I was scared because my doctor told me that if I didn’t change things I was going to die because my cholesterol was so high.”

Gregg Wallace lost 4 stone but it was not plain sailing. When feeling low he went to fast food outlets on more than a couple of occasions. Gregg doesn’t see this as a failure though. He feels that as long as you are good most of the time, you are on the right track. Everyone starts a fitness and health journey with loads of motivation, it’s maintaining the motivation that’s often the hard part.

Gregg says its all about balancing the good with the bad. “We’ve got to live right – there’s no way I’m going to the rugby and not having a pint of beer. It would be like washing my feet with my socks on. It just isn’t going to happen.”

Exercise is important if you are to lose 4 Stone

Since Gregg started his healthy eating he has been working out five days a week. From Monday to Friday Gregg hits the gym hard then has the weekend off from any strenuous exercise.

Even in lockdown, Gregg still visits his PT is near the television studio who keeps him on his toes with six 30-minute exercises without any gym equipment.

So to sum up. Cut down on the booze, eat healthy and workout 5 times a week and you too could look just like Gregg Wallace 🙂