Jessica Simpson’s Journey to a Healthier Body

Jessica Simpson, an American singer, actress, fashion designer, and author surprised many after she appeared and confidently showed her 100-pound weight loss. As a mother of three, many wondered how exactly such a transformation happened. She has since made her diet journey public to help others be healthy and feel “more comfortable” like she is.

Her trainer,  Ben Putland of ACERO, allowed her to eat “cheat meals” when she really felt like eating some. An unexpected action when discussing the trick to lose weight! According to Ben Putland, that it’s all about balance and making healthy lifestyle choices. He makes sure to tell his clients to eat clean, but having a little bit of chocolate every few days is not that bad and Simpson followed that. She was never hungry, but her meals have become healthier without the highly processed snacks.

Jessica Simpson committed to her daily step goal. Gradually, she worked up the number of steps she’d take until she reached a whopping 14,000! She was advised that working out for one hour and yet choosing to sit the rest of the day, is not going to make any difference. Sticking to a number of steps every day helped keep Simpson active throughout the day.

Additionally, Jessica hit the gym with Pasternak and trainer Sydney Liebes to complete a 45-minute workout session three days a week.

Besides watching her meals and exercising, she spent 1 hour unplugged from technology every day. It led to her getting restful sleep for at least 7 hours, keeping her energized for the activities she’d do the next day.

Jessica is an inspiration to many, especially mothers, who think that it must be impossible to get back to their previous figure after having a child. Rather than focusing on gruelling workouts, Simpson’s journey showed that the path to health can be made up of a gradual consistency and balance.