Wendy Williams’ Inspiring Pandemic Weight Loss

Wendy Williams is a household name. To many, an entertaining talk show host of the famous “Wendy Show,” to youngsters, she is a funny and relatable individual, while to others, she is an inspiration to losing weight during the pandemic. Although she did not exactly plan it, she made the most out of her time at home during the pandemic and came out of lockdown with a new, leaner look.

The presenter recently opened up about her impressive 11kg weight loss as she kicked off the new season of her popular show. “I’ve lost 25 pounds – look!” she told the audience. “And I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just that food became disgusting to me.”

Williams admitted that at first, she cooked and “shovelled” stuff into her mouth. All kinds of food that ranged from hotdogs to lobsters, crabs, and more. Soon after, she became tired of food. She told her audience that she did not realize how much weight she gained until she visited the doctors for a routine check-up.

Wendy Williams has always been open about her weight, and how she gains and loses it. The Pandemic did not stop her from getting fit, and that helped her be an inspiration to many that are still stuck at home.

The star also follows a healthy, balanced diet, and is a fan of everything from lentil soup to green vegetables.

“I love greens – spinach is my favourite. I love kale, avocado, and cauliflower,” she told the publication. Williams also tries to keep her fridge at home healthy at all times.

“Our refrigerator is ridiculously shaven down. I entertained yesterday and all I had were cashews and water. I told them [my guests], ‘Before you come, eat something.’ Well, they’re not on our diet!” she said.

While her entire family is full of vegetarians, she remains a pescatarian, in which the meat she eats is fish. She does pilates as her workout and her trainer helps regulate her exercise and distractions.