5 Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise

Getting active is something a lot of us struggle with, especially during and after the pandemic. The quarantine has shown a lot of us that staying at our desks all day can accomplish a lot of things, including work, making us lose the reason to get up and exercise.

We shouldn’t get used to living life that way! Here are 5 tips you might find helpful when transitioning to an active lifestyle from a sedentary one.

  • Manage and arrange your goals.

Goals that are too high, or too big in our minds, may discourage us because we cannot avoid looking at how long it will take to reach them. Make your goals smaller, more attainable, so you take over levels regularly. Do not start with difficult workouts, have patience, and take it slowly, to help you ease into the routine.

  • Track your progress.

To help see your accomplishments a lot more clearly, track your progress. Make a checklist, write down your activities, and many more. To help keep you going, looking back at what you’ve already done can keep you motivated. On the other hand, you may look at what’s to come, and think that it’s possible and the end is very attainable.

  • Make your routine convenient.

Like a lot of us, other things need to be done besides exercise. Some might have work, school, social activities, and others, which makes a schedule useful and relevant. Set strict times for yourself so you can be active and productive at the same time without compromising anything. Following a schedule can get your body used to a routine, leading to activities easier to accomplish.

  • Get a companion.

To help make any activity enjoyable, find a companion to do your workouts with you and help keep your meals consistent. They could be a family member, a friend, or a pet. Research says that having a companion increases the amount of exercise we do. A companion could be a source of information, encouragement and most importantly, motivation!

  • Make it fun!

Working out shouldn’t be a gruelling process! Do not be too harsh on yourself when you miss workouts, use your mistakes to improve yourself in the future. Let yourself have rewards every now and then and always remember that you have come very far. The journey to health and wellness isn’t easy, and you’re already brave for just choosing to start it.