Daphne Oz’s Incredible Quarantine Journey

During the first few months of the pandemic, a lot of people found a sudden stop in their daily lives. Everything changed in the span of a few days and along with it came the change to the new year’s resolution of many, to lose weight. Not the American television host, food writer, and chef Daphne Oz!

Following WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers, Daphne Oz shared to her social media followers that she lost nearly 50 pounds just a few months into the pandemic. 

“I still have a way to go, but my aim to feel strong in my skin, energetic for my kids, and to love the way my clothes fit have been my guide,” wrote Oz, who gave birth to her daughter, Gigi, her fourth child, in August 2019.

In February, Oz joined WW as an ambassador and is working with one of the coaches in it. Since starting her personal health programs, she regularly shared updates of her wellness and progress on Instagram, including her workouts and food.

WW was such a blessing to her to help get her habits and lifestyle in check. In an Instagram live with her WW coach, Oz said that in her old mindset, she might have gone back to emotional, stress, and celebration eating. To have guardrails in the place has been critical. 

“It’s within our grasp to have a healthy relationship to food freedom, which is I think one of the coolest concepts that initially drew me to WW,” said Oz.

Being a past host of “The Dish on Oz,” is also sharing some of the recipes that have helped her lose weight, including a WW-friendly recipe for sweet and spicy pulled chicken thighs.

If you take a look at her website, Daphne Oz doesn’t fall short on her generosity with sharing healthy recipes that help her healthy journey. Complete with the right set of ingredients and instructions, Oz shows incredible photos of her creations as well to entice you into trying out healthier alternatives. If you’re interested, her Salsa Verde Chicken Soup seems to be the “most delicious chicken tortilla soup she has ever eaten.”

Daphne Oz is an icon of healthy living and relationships. The key to getting through the quarantine that made you interact with the same people 24/7 is to engage in activities that would help bring you closer and have proper communication with them. In her social media updates, her stories about going out and bonding with her family are definitely heartwarming.

As for the details of Oz’s eating habits, Daphne shared her secrets in an exclusive interview with Eat This, Not That! When it comes to Oz’s personal approach to food, she aims to create meals that are realistic and balanced, yet celebratory.

  1. Oz never compromises flavour for nutrition
  2. She sets rules for herself when seeking a health reset. 
  3. She plans ahead.
  4. She prioritizes hydration.
  5. She’s not afraid to take risks in the kitchen.

Following a diet and workout routine is a big thing to a lot of us however, 4-time mother Daphne has proven that it is possible to even someone like her. Help inspire yourself by reading more about her journey or checking out the other weight loss stories available in Lose A Stone In a Month.