How to Lose a Stone in 2 Weeks

These are methods of losing stones in two weeks or less. This requires a doubled effort from you, should you wish to try.

How to lose stones in 2 weeks

1. Hormones

Hormones are key in weight loss, followed by diet and exercise. Most overweight people (especially those who are seriously overweight) have excess hormones. The short explanation for it is that there are human-made chemical pollutants that mimic your hormones. These chemical pollutants can be found in unhealthy food and to a minimal degree, household items. Checking the package of the food before eating and using items that have minimal pollutants will likely remove those excess hormones from your baby.

2. Diet

Here, we will give you some tips on what food to eat or to add to your diet plan. Eat lentils or black beans as a side dish at least twice a day. Why? This is because they are rich in fiber and protein. These foods help suppress appetite, speed up metabolism and improve digestion, ultimately helping you to lose weight.

3. Exercise

Same process as number 2, we will give you ideas on exercises to do. These are casual exercises that you can do anytime. Buy a mini trampoline and jump on it during TV commercials. Set a goal to skip 10 ad spaces per day. The advantage of this is that you can save time and money! This is a simple, effective, and time-tested method of disposing of stones in two weeks or less.