Lose 1 Stone in a Week – Diet

To lose a stone in a week seems to be very challenging. You must be dedicated and work hard to lose weight in a week. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this diet, this may be not for everyone to do. Drastic changes to your body in a week might be dangerous. You may want to consider trying to lose weight for a longer period of time.

As stated above, there are some risk factors with this kind of diet. Remember, there might be some bad effects that you will encounter especially if it’s your first time doing it. In such a case, you need to have a lot of patience for your body to adjust to the new scenario.

A little bit of warning, this might be difficult for you. Some people have breakdowns and anxiety as they go through this process. However, if you’re determined to lose weight, you achieve the best figure you want in a week.

Still, there are a lot of success stories that prove that this kind of thing is possible. With the proper mindset, you might even achieve your target sooner than your deadline. For instance, there’s a lot of videos that could help you with your menu and even training. To further know anything about this topic, scroll down here for more information. 


The Planning Process: Lose 1 Stone in a Week Diet


To accomplish your goals, you need to have a plan. Always set an objective first and come up with a plan to realize this objective. Also, before coming up with a plan you should settle anything that bothers you. Take note that what you are going to do isn’t just diet. It’s achieving the proper and healthy build with the right mindset.

Usually, the planning process might be stressful that you may want to give up. Planning for the food you should eat, the time of training, the calorie count, and changing bad habits to healthy ones. Mind you, it’s like budgeting a set amount of money.

Sometimes, the plans come from professionals that could help you achieve your goal. Like getting a trainer, or an instructor. However, the process doesn’t end there. Aside from all the meals, you also need to follow the training routines.

Is it Really Possible to Lose 1 Stone in A Week?

When you focus everything on a specific objective, nothing is impossible. It takes a lot of dedication and focus. You need to take a dive and be brave. Think of it as a milestone that could help you change your life. Besides, a lot can happen in a day, think about what can happen in a week.

There’s nothing wrong with trying it. All-in-all, yes. It is possible to lose a stone in a week. It’s even possible to lose a stone in less than a week. However, when trying to lose weight keep in mind not to push yourself too much. Pushing yourself often will definitely lead to something serious.

Guide Yourself Accordingly


Without a guide, you will not be able to achieve your goal in just a week. Take note that losing 1 stone in a week is a great challenge. Don’t skip any routines, you might have to redo them and it will take a lot of time.

So basically, the first thing that you must do is prepare your diet plan. To lose 1 stone in a week means to manage the food that you’re going to take. Make sure to ask for all the advice from a professional when doing this.

Other people usually eat pieces of fruits and sandwiches or toast. This kind of thing lets you minimize all the calories that you might be taking. Additionally, hard-boiled eggs could effectively help you in losing a stone. This is a great source of protein. Eventually, this could help you build your muscle and strengthen your body too. 

For example, you ate a hard-boiled egg for breakfast, you can have it again on your fifth day of the diet. People who managed to follow this kind of routine have successfully reached their target. If they can do it, so could you.


The Rules in Lose 1 Stone in A Week Diet

Under this kind of circumstance comes a set of rules that needs to get followed. This should be done as STRICTLY as possible.

No Alcohol

Avoid alcohol. While it may seem alluring, learn to control yourself during this process. Alcohol can contribute a lot of negative effects on your diet plan. You don’t want to have a fluffy tummy, don’t you?

Don’t Eat Between Meals


If you’re the type of person who always eats within 2 hours or in between meals, you better stop that now if you want to lose one stone in a week. Understandably, food is tempting especially during this time, you must avoid it. Shut off your phone and might as well uninstall all those food apps.


Milk, Butter or any food with Fats is a No-no

Unfortunately, these types of food could easily build fat in your body. So for a week, try to lessen your intake. If you’re having a toasted sandwich for breakfast, never put some butter in it! This thing is usually what people forget. Always keep an eye on your diet.


Don’t Eat too Much


Don’t exceed or go beyond what you have in your diet plan. Some people usually have alternatives in their food plan which is certainly bad. Food diet plans are always calculated and should never be altered.



Always follow your diet plan and routine. It might be difficult at first but you will eventually get used to it. Losing 1 stone in a week is a challenge that you should never underestimate.

As mentioned, it’s more than just a goal. At the end of it lies a satisfying result. The ball is in your hands now. Good luck on your journey to become fit and have a healthy body and mind.