Can I lose a Stone in 8 Weeks?

Do you want to lose a stone in 8 weeks? But do you doubt you’re able to do it? Here’s a simple guide for you to reach your goal lose weight. It’s never too late to start and begin a healthy lifestyle journey.

Losing A Stone in 8 Weeks

If you doubt that you can lose a stone in 8 weeks, don’t. You can certainly do it with the appropriate plan and strictly following the process. Eight weeks may sound short but during those weeks you would see that it is a long process. It is also optimal for the body to adjust to the diet plan and training.

Take note that you must strictly follow the diet plan and training regimen that you made or that was made for you. Those are tailor-made for your body to lose weight in a specific amount of time. Also, if you struggle during the first few days, don’t quit. Losing interest is normal when you want to see the results quickly. Stay patient.

Another thing you could do is the “switching method”. This is a process where you try and switch all your habits into a healthier version. Many have spoken highly of this technique and professionals always recommend this to their trainees.

There may be a few people that when they try to follow the diet plan and training regimen, they somehow can’t lose a stone or even a pound. Now, there are many reasons why this happens. Firstly, it may be because of genetics. Some people lose and gain weight more quickly than others. If you’re one of them, be patient. Follow the plan and you will eventually lose weight. Another reason might be the diet plan you’re following may not be for you. You may be eating more carbohydrates that are needed or you’re not eating enough protein.

How does having a Diet Plan contribute to losing a stone?

As the old saying goes, fitness is 30% training and 70% nutrition. It doesn’t matter if you do a thousand push-ups or a thousand sit-ups, the food you eat will always dictate the results. The food must be well-calculated and measured. Take note that the food that you eat should be nutrient-rich. It’s highly recommended when you consider losing a stone.

Besides, eating nutrient-rich foods will help boost your metabolism by 80-100 calories per day. It can also help you reduce your cravings from time to time. So have a low protein diet may bring all your work into slow progress. That’s why people create a food diet plan as it could help in balancing all the foods while assuring you that you are eating the right amount of calories that your body needs.

How does a Diet Plan work?

A diet plan is usually divided into stages, and each of these will give you the appropriate amount of calorie intake. Think of it as planning a regular meal schedule for your family. The only difference is that you’ll be creating a diet menu for your own. 

While this might be a challenging matter to deal with, there are a lot of recipes available online that you could try. Most of the recipes available will help you identify the key benefits if you decide to follow them. Others give you an appropriate calorie count for each ingredient. And if you’re experiencing a hard time calculating all the calories of the food, you can download apps or visit sites online that will help you in calculating all the calories.

What are the best and healthy food combinations?

Let’s say that you have an idea on how to create a food diet plan but you don’t have a clue on what are the food combinations that you should eat. Remember, you are trying to plan out a healthy and balanced food plan for yourself for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    • Typically, bananas should never leave your side during this phase. It’s one of the most common fruits that people eat when they’re on a diet. Eventually, this fruit gives you a range of essential nutrients that your body needs. It’s also a good source of fiber. Bananas majorly help you to control your appetite and replace processed sugar, leading to weight loss.
    • You can also try adding eggs, salads, yogurt, smoothies, or berries. You can try swapping these meals or combining them in eight weeks. Your creative side might help you in this phase. Be resourceful enough with the ingredients that you want to combine with your breakfast. But make sure that all of these are healthy and don’t go beyond your calorie count.
    • In this phase, you can eat meat and chicken. Keep in mind to include leafy vegetables in your meals or salad to keep your diet at a proper calorie level. Your main dish could be salmon, chicken breast, or tuna. To make your lunch even more tasty and delicious, you can have baked potatoes on the side. 
    • Some try to include desserts within their meals. It’s not bad as long as it is counted and included within your calorie intake. Some healthy desserts are dark chocolate or nuts. After all, everyone deserves to have a dash of sweetness to complete an excellent lunch experience.
    • During supper, you must still follow the food plan. Preparing low calorie but nutritious food can help you improve your progress in losing a stone. You can still have some salads during this time, or if you want, you can cook healthy pasta. 
    • Few people prefer eating toast sandwiches with eggs and salads to keep them full during the night. Others prepare some ramen or grilled chicken for their dinner. You can eat anything for supper, but before trying to do that, you must carefully consider all the nutrients that it has. The most important part of a diet plan is to make sure that everything is well-balanced and at the same time, you are enjoying what you are eating.
  • Training and Exercises 
    • It is essential that you need to properly burn all the calories that you have eaten during the day. 
    • During the first weeks, you can have a smooth phase with your exercise. Begin your training by having a walking routine every 30-45 minutes. As another week comes, you can start running as a part of your daily workout. After a few weeks, your body should get used to all the exercises and training that you’re doing along with the diet plan that you made. 
    • Your last week must have a little bit of intense training and exercise. This includes swimming, jogging, or running for 30 to 35 minutes. Take note that as you move through each phase, your activities and training should level up slowly. This will enable your body to adjust at a steady pace.


Overall, losing a stone might be a challenging yet fulfilling experience. Having a healthy body could be one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.