5 Weeks to Lose a Stone?

Losing a stone is a very difficult challenge. To lose weight, you must follow certain rules in your diet plan and training program. However, a drastic change in your weight might affect your body in the wrong way. Still, some brave people try to go through this process with the goal of losing a certain amount of weight in a short period of time.

It’s tough to lose weight, it’s a change that your body must adapt to. To lose weight you must understand yourself, your habits, and if you have any medical conditions that hinder your ability to lose weight. Internalize and assess yourself before diving into a fitness journey.

Moreover, you need to know that there are sacrifices that you need to do. An example is avoiding unhealthy food. It’s might be difficult, but you must change your eating habits for you to lose weight. There are many substitutes for unhealthy food that are delicious as well.


Switching Methods

One of the most effective ways for you to reach your objective is by switching all the methods that you already know. This involves a huge turnaround from all the things that you’ve been doing before. It includes your habits, training exercises, and the food that you eat. These should always be monitored regularly.

Like all the people who successfully reached their goal and lost weight, it will not be simple and easy at first. You will encounter a lot of challenges and difficulties throughout the process. For instance, there might be some moments that you want to quit. Wanting to quit is normal, but actually quitting is the problem.

To keep up with all the new things that you will go through, you need to recognize what these methods are. You need to know as this will put you in a favorable outcome.


  • Foods
  • Switching into a more balanced and well-calculated food plan is highly suggested for you to do. With this, you should swap all your meals to foods that are rich in protein or that are low in carbs. Shifting your meals into these foods will keep you full protein breakfast enables you to lose more weight by regulating appetite hormones. This will make you eat “less” food.
  • On the other hand, if you’re on a low-carb diet, you’ll feel to eat more protein. A low-carb diet will potentially help you decrease your insulin levels. Whenever there is too much insulin in the body, more fats will generate. Take note that insulin reacts every time that our body receives a lot of sugar. Also, you will drop enough amount of water when you eat low-carb foods. That’s major because your kidney releases water and sodium as a reaction to the lower levels of insulin in your blood. 
  • There are many recipes online that can help you begin your health journey. Here’s a tip, try including eggs for breakfast. Whether it may be an omelet, hard-boiled or, poached, it’s your decision. Also, fill your plate with a lot of leafy vegetables during lunch or dinner. Lastly, only eat three meals a day. As much as possible, do not eat snacks! 


  • Training and Exercises
  • You might already have training and exercises planned even before you start this activity. However, there might be some changes that will occur as you go through your journey. Your training and exercises must be aligned with your diet plan
  • Some people made their day-to-day training schedule. This plan includes sit-ups, planking, and push-ups. If these seem difficult, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. The point of this is to eventually become a regular habit of yours.
  • You need to focus on the activities as this will help you to lose a stone. Remember that you don’t have to rush the process to see the results sooner. Within five weeks of continuous and exercise and a properly balanced diet plan, you will lose weight but not as much as you might think. Stay patient


Can I lose a Stone in 5 weeks?


The right answer to that would be no. Not only that it is not healthy but it might cause something dangerous to you.

A smart way of losing some weight is to reduce at least one to two pounds per week. So, if you’re planning to lose more than this amount, it will definitely be dangerous. You might see people on YouTube and other online personalities who have successfully lost some weight. You can see from their bodies if they did it the right way or not.

It is still heavily suggested to lose a stone in a longer period of time. It’s a process that should never be rushed as you are going through much longer and safer progress. You might also want to have an expert trainer to guide you throughout your fitness journey. Losing a stone is a hard activity to do, so having a fitness expert will definitely help you tremendously.


Final Thoughts

This year has brought many challenges to everyone’s life. Don’t let that stop you. You can still list down the goals that you want to achieve. During this period, try to think about every important thing. Improve anything that you think could help you but don’t overdo it. Do not risk your health just to look good in the eyes of other people.

Switching some methods that you’re already used to is difficult. But it will be worth it in the long run. And when you do achieve your goals, inspire others. Many want to lose weight but need that last push for them to start their fitness journey.