How to Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight but fast? This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions from people looking to lose weight.

It’s human nature to get results now instead of weeks or months, but is it possible to lose weight quickly? Is it possible for you? Definitely, as long as you are willing to radically change your eating habits and exercise immediately, you can lose weight quickly. You need determination and persistence to do this and you need to be patient during the whole process of losing weight.

The secret is related to calorie intake and calorie expenditure. Your job is to reduce incoming calories (but not too drastically) and increase outgoing calories. This article only covers incoming calories.

Monitor your daily food intake. Write down all the foods and drinks that you usually consume from morning until evening. It would be better if you could include the number of calories in each meal and snack, but if you don’t know how many calories each dish contains, don’t worry.

Stop drinking and eating food and beverages with too much fat or sugar. This sounds very difficult, but if you want quick results I’m afraid you need to sacrifice. These foods include alcohol, coffee, soda (even sugar-free sodas contain ingredients that make you crave sugar and fatty foods), fried foods, ice cream, and soda. Yes, these are all delicious but I’m afraid I told you there is a price to be paid.

Dairy products are generally acceptable, but if you can drink soy milk instead, the better. Replace all foods with foods that are essentially free of fat and sugar. Store lean meat, fish, and chicken. Don’t bake, but try to cook, grill, or broil. When dining out, ask for the smaller portion for your meals.

Eat and drink oats and green tea instead of chips and cola. Do not fry or bring food with you, but eat roasted nuts or fish and lots of green vegetables, such as spinach, string beans, and broccoli sprouts.

Drink a glass of water every morning and add half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. This will help your body burn off excess fat. Later, drink a spoonful of honey. If you can, eat five or six small meals a day instead of three large meals.

This reduces calorie intake but still provides your body with the nutrients it needs that were not available before. As for calorie output, this requires daily exercise such as walking or running depending on your specific situation.