How Do I Lose a Stone in Weight Quickly?

A stone weighs 14 pounds and you can certainly lose weight quickly. This article explains how to do this.


You can lose up to 2 pounds per week, so it takes less than 2 months to lose a stone.

If you are a woman, you should limit yourself to 1,000 calories per day. If you are male, 1500 calories a day.

You always have to count your calories. If you don’t count or at least have a rough idea, then you won’t lose weight.

A lot of fruit

Fruits are great because they are healthy and they are full of nutrients and extremely low in calories. My personal secret is frozen raspberries. They taste great, last a long time, and contain almost no calories!

Lean meat

Cut down on carbs and eat more protein. The best way is to get it from lean white meat such as poultry. Try to avoid red meat that is high in saturated fat.

No waste

If you really want to lose a stone quickly, you have to get the trash out. I am afraid there is no room for junk food for weight loss. If you do this, you will only gain weight.


If you want to speed up your workout, you can practice. If necessary, make sure you have not eaten in the past 3 hours so that your body only burns fat. Also, try to mix it up: do some slow force but also some high-intensity workout. This makes you sweat like crazy, but it also burns more fat.