The New Normal: Losing Weight Helps You Avoid Getting the Coronavirus Disease

This pandemic period has brought a huge change to everyone’s lives. A change that none of us expected to happen. The coronavirus disease a.k.a. Covid-19 is a highly infectious disease. If you experience symptoms like fever, dry cough, muscle pains, or even fatigue you have the virus. This disease is mainly transmitted through droplets of the infected person via cough, sneeze, or when a person inhales. The more you are close to an infected person, the higher risk you’ll have of getting the virus.

Right now, nations around the world are doing their best to fight the virus. Scientists have taken much of their time to find a cure for the virus and to develop a vaccine. However, until nothing is guaranteed, it is suggested that people should stay at home and maintain 1 to 2 meters distance from each other. A practice called “Social Distancing.”

The world seems to be shaking as there are currently, at the time of writing, 16.3 million people that are confirmed cases. 9.41 million of these recovered while there are 649,000 deaths. This number is very alarming especially if you have a weak immune system. Experts suggest that people must maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. One healthy lifestyle is losing or maintaining a healthy weight. Yes, losing weight could certainly help you avoid getting the virus.


Losing Weight Helps you Fight COVID-19


Recently, a new campaign called “Better Health” was planning to be established by Public Health England. The primary purpose of this project is for everyone to live a happy and healthier life. Better Health promotes several attributes that will be conducted once fully granted.

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started, the government has mainly focused on spreading awareness that having a healthy lifestyle could improve your stability and help you avoid getting the disease.

Furthermore, having a positive mind within this lockdown period will help everyone to move around and maintain a fit body. Losing weight will definitely be difficult, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated. However, if you try to take your time and do small steps you will definitely achieve your goal.

He also added that if everyone participates, there’s no doubt that people would definitely reduce the risks of having coronavirus diseases as well as taking pressure off of the NHS.

Additionally, obesity is one of the significant problems in the country as of today. It is said that almost 63% of adults in England are overweight. 1 of 3 children leaves primary school with overweight or with obesity-related disease costing the NHS 6 Billion Euros per year.

This matter is quite alarming for all of the people in England. That’s why a campaign like “Better Health” should surely help everyone realized it’s better to live a healthy lifestyle.


What does the Campaign Entail?


“Will it definitely help me to avoid the virus if I lose weight? Or if I lose a stone?”

Well, technically, yes. Because this campaign focuses on living a happier and healthy lifestyle, it incorporates several solutions that will enable you to avoid all the unhealthy foods that you might eat. Furthermore, here are some of the components of the campaign that you might want to know.

Banning of unhealthy food advertisements – All foods that contain high fat, sugar, or salt will get Ban on online and television before 9 in the evening.

Calorie Labeling – A law will require large restaurants, coffee chains, and takeaways, having more than 250 employees to put a calorie label in the food that they are trying to sell.

Expanding NHS Service – The weight management service will extend its services in supporting those people who need to lose weight.

Ending BOGOF Promotions – There will be new legislation that will strictly promote to avoid eating foods with high fat, salt, and sugar like the “buy one get one” offers.


Alcohol Calorie Labeling – New consultation will soon launch to enable all alcoholic drinks to have a calorie label. 

Front Pack Nutritional Labeling – A consultation will soon launch to gather all the necessary data in improving their system, especially when it comes to labeling.

Hopefully, with all these guidelines and rules that will soon start, everyone will manage to get the food for their diet plan. Even if people haven’t tried this yet, it will surely contribute a good result towards the people’s health.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Dr. Alison Tedstone, Chief Nutritionist at PHE are joining forces with this movement. They mentioned that there’s nothing more significant than looking forward to a healthier life. Admittedly, it might be hard to reduce all the habits that you’re used to. But nothing compares to having a long and prosperous life. 


So, will this save me from Covid-19?

It’s not guaranteed that it will 100% save you, it always depends on the person and their health. However, having a fit and healthy body will definitely help you avoid getting it or increase the chances of you having a mild case of it. Exercise and a balanced diet plan is the best thing for you to practice.

This period has given us an opportunity to do the stuff that we weren’t able to do before. Spending time with our family, gaining a new skill, and even taking care of ourselves. Now we have the time, let’s make the most of it.


Losing weight matters as it could help you get fit and achieve all the things that you might want to live. It helps you build and gain confidence faster than anything else. So, if you’ve set a plan, why not try to lose a stone by Christmas?

In fact, you can start now and follow the Better Health campaign on your own. You can also share this with your friends and family. This could help them achieve the best life that they deserve. After all, we all live in uncertain times. So while you can still do the things that you love, do it without thinking twice.

2020 really has brought us into a different world. Yet we also learned a lot. It’s too early to say that 2021 will be better, we can only hope that it will be a positive year for everyone.