I Want to Lose a Stone

Have you done something good lately? Like planning something before this year ends? If you do, try adding to have a healthy lifestyle in the list. You can try to get fit before the holidays. Since you all have the time now, encourage yourself to do a new healthy habit especially if you want to lose a stone. Although it may seem challenging, you can do a lot of things to reach your goal.

As this pandemic brings us to a new change, it’s safe to say that exercising and training are some of the ways for you to keep your mind of the virus. A lot of news has been published online that shows losing weight could contribute a lot to your health. It’s not only about maintaining the “proper diet” or having the appropriate “diet plan” but it’s about changing a person’s lifestyle. 

Admittedly, this is a pretty big activity to jump into especially if you’re not used to it. To lose a stone is difficult when starting. That’s why we’re here. If you’re determined to try this activity, here are a few ways and guides to help you achieve a fit body. If you want to lose a stone, this post will surely be helpful.


Your Ultimate to Guide in Losing a Stone


Do you really want to lose a stone? Are you determined to go through the process to build your body? Then let’s get it started.

A few reminders, take note that this part is only a guide for you to manage your healthy lifestyle. The results will all be based on your goal and your progress. It’s better you re-assess yourself first before jumping into this journey. Maintain your focus and instill the value of discipline and determination towards every challenge that you will face. 

When you’ve achieved your goal of having a fit body, don’t stop. Instead, ensure that you will continue having all the healthy habits you gained throughout this process. 


Make a SMART Goal

Instead of making it simple and if you have all the time to plan your goal, why not make it S.M.A.R.T? Create something Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant, and Time-Oriented.

Ideally, this kind of idea has been used only for companies with a corporate objective. This kind of goal planning has also been proven to be an effective way for various purposes. When you define your goal in detail, you will surely get an idea of how to construct the plan and reach the goal in no time. You may take a lot of time into planning your goal towards living a healthy lifestyle. But why not start first within your capacity? And since it’s nearly Christmas, why not try to achieve to lose a stone by Christmas?

You’ve got almost five months to complete the challenge, and you might even hit the target within just four to eight weeks. Mind you, and there are parameters that you need to follow to succeed. So make sure to follow this guideline and don’t go beyond. Anything too much is never good for your body.


Create a Food Diet Plan

The main goal in creating a food plan is to cut down the unnecessary food that you’ve been eating. That also means cutting down the calories that you’ve been taking. Let us warn you, and this might include some of the best, tasty, and your favorite food. It also depends on your target date. But still, a food plan should continue throughout a lifetime. So, what’s with this food plan?


Like setting a primary goal, setting your food plan comes with calculation and properly balanced meals. As we all know, the food sets a day is divided into three; Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper.

You can juggle some foods from this duration like having a healthy tuna pasta for lunch for the first day and having it as a side dish on Friday. While you can cook a hard-boiled egg for breakfast on Tuesday and add it to your dinner on Saturday. This routine will go for about some time until you reach the end. Snacks can get included in the meal. Although it’s not mandatory, your snacks may become your “cheat treats” in the meantime. This can be in the form of berries, nuts, dark chocolate, fruits, or smoothies. And, oh! Did we forget to mention yogurt and salad? Well, luckily, you can have this one too. As long as it’s healthy. 

Try to set and plan your food diet plan ahead of time, weekly. This is for you to give enough space in case you might be needing to look for some ingredients or buy some stuff at the grocery. In the end, you’ll surely enjoy planning a healthy and balanced diet.


Preparing a Training Calendar

You need to pair a proper diet with proper training to fulfill all your objectives. Some usually do training in their free time. So instead of watching Netflix at home or scrolling down on your Instagram feed, try to do some exercise. A 20 and 30 minutes workout will do every day or every other day. 

Take note that it doesn’t have to be intense. All you need to do is that all your muscles are working. Nothing beats smooth training and a proper diet combined.

Simply set your calendar the way how you set your food plan. As much as possible, align your strategies to your training session. Make sure to have the training to go along with your food plan. Don’t go beyond your plan as it may lead you to some problems like muscle pains or stress.

Moreover, if you think you’ve got enough budget and time, you can seek a gym instructor or fitness professional that will help you move along this course. If you want to lose a stone, these people have their own way of helping you to make your journey more comfortable. They will help motivate you and challenge you physically and keep your focus in check. You might even gain a friend and partner through this program. 

You could also try to invite some of your friends and loved ones to join the club. For sure, you will not only enjoy the progress, but you’re also helping other people.