How Long Will it Take Me to Lose a Stone

Are you planning to lose a stone but you don’t know how long should the process be? If you want to discover the answer, read the post below.

The Duration

You must note is that the duration of losing a stone solely depends on the person. It also depends on their body, for example, if they have a medical condition that hinders them from losing or gaining weight. Some people finish this activity in only two to three weeks. Although it might be possible, you shouldn’t try losing a stone in that amount of time. It will cause harm to your body that can leads to something serious sooner or later.

The safest thing that you can do is to lose a stone in two months or more. This allows your body to adjust to all the changes that will happen during your routine from morning until night. Also, within a three-month duration, you’ll be able to monitor your records properly without rushing.

Most people rush this process just because they want to see the results instantly. That’s a very dangerous thought to entertain. Remember that everything takes time. Give yourself a little time for all the training and exercises you’re doing for some time.

Setting your Plan

First, set your diet plan and training regimen. You can either plan it weekly or monthly, it depends on the duration of your fitness journey. Planning it weekly will let you see the results per week and you can make adjustments that you see fit. Planning it for a month lets you focus on the dieting and training stage.

Keep in mind that you need to be SMART in setting up your goal. It should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Never set a goal that will go beyond the limits that you can do. A smart goal will help you envision your target and bring all your goals into reality.

Moreover, this pattern is not only useful for companies trying to do a campaign but also for normal people. With this kind of method, you’ll be able to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Once you’re able to set your plans, you are now free to start and you will soon discover how long you are able to lose a stone.

Your Mindset

The initial process involves the actual scenario that’s going to happen after setting up your plan. You will probably encounter challenges and temptations during this stage. But you need to focus and keep your patience during the process. Learning to have self-control will help you improve your progress day by day and never forget to follow the plans you made.

Additionally, there are times that you might feel like giving up. When this happens, try to seek advice from an expert, a friend, or a family member. No matter how tough it is, always look forward to your goal. It might take you a long time to lose a stone, but it will be worth it.

    • AttitudeYour attitude will matter in determining how long will you lose a stone. The attitude that you have will eventually bring you to a lot of places. You will also achieve your goals because of it and it doesn’t matter which goals are they. It may be a career goal, relationship goal, or a fitness goal. The right attitude matters.
    • Your progress does not only depend on your action but on how you visualize your goal. Even if you have the best plans and the best trainer with you, if you don’t have a positive attitude or mindset, you will never reach your goal.
    • Hard Work and MindsetTurn all your efforts into action and you will see a better result. Value your time while learning to appreciate the training and honing yourself to be a better version of yourself. Overall, planning is not only the central core of how a person loses a stone. It’s also about how you think and how you put your thoughts into action. No matter how long or short the duration maybe, once you put your mind into action, you will succeed.

Weight Loss Calculator

To further help you, using an efficient tool like a weight loss calculator would make it easier for you to monitor the weight you lose. It calculates the weight you will lose by the food you eat and the training regimen you follow.

Calorie Deficit Calculator

Unlike the Weight Loss Calculator, the Calorie Calculator will help you compute all the calorie content of the food you plan to eat. This may come in a form of a mobile app or a page on the internet. There are some experts and instructors who also prefer to have this app as it will certainly help. Never forget to include this while setting up your food diet plan as it will contribute to losing a stone.

So, Can I lose a Stone within a Month?

Ideally, it’s okay for you to lose a stone within a month. Generally speaking, you are allowed to lose one to two pounds per week. That means you’ll lose 10 to 15 pounds as soon as the fifth-week hits. That’s probably the fastest way for you to lose a stone. However, this method will involve a lot of training and a very low-calorie and carbohydrate diet. Although this is quite possible, it is still not recommended that you try this out, especially if it’s your first time doing this trying to lose weight.

You shouldn’t risk your health to see a quick result. On the other hand, it could also take you up to 15 weeks or three months to lose a stone. Now, that’s probably the safest duration. It keeps your body well-adjusted and balanced with all the necessary changes in the routine, from food to training methods. If you’re determined enough, you might lose a stone within two months.

Overall, no matter how long or short your plan is, always prioritize your safety. Don’t think twice to assess your plans first before trying it out.