Need to Lose A Stone In 4 Weeks

Do you feel the need to lose a stone in 4 weeks? Before trying to lose a stone in a short amount of time, read this article first to better guide you along the way.

Losing a Stone in 4 Weeks

Losing a stone might be one of the toughest decisions that you will make. It’s not only about changing your figure but also about changing the way you think. Many people tried the process, making their own diet plan and training regimen, only to not get the results they want. These people failed because they haven’t got the proper mindset.

Losing a stone in 4 weeks is certainly a challenging thing to do as you need to focus and change your habits. From the way you eat, from the way you exercise, and how you think. The adjustments that you must do will ultimately help you in losing weight

Is it possible for me to Lose a Stone in 4 Weeks?

The possibilities are endless these days. If you have the appropriate plan for losing a stone, nothing can stop you. But take note it has its pros and cons. Doing this might compromise your health. If you want to know the reasons, here’s why.

  • 4-Weeks is a Good Thing
    • For those people who want to lose weight quickly, 4 weeks is a good amount of time to lose a stone. You can do a lot of exercises and training within 30 to 31 days. Take note that it is advised to only lose one to two pounds per week and anything more than that is considered unhealthy. You will have to double your efforts to cut down all calories and training as you aim to lose a stone in 4 weeks. 
    • Approximately, you have to lose at least three to four pounds each week in order to reach your goal. That is quite a huge number to lose. But if you’re dead set on taking the challenge, try to do it healthily. There’s also a lot of success stories of how people lost a stone in 4 weeks. You can try to search their stories and follow the plans they used.
  • 4-Weeks is a Bad Thing 
    • Losing a stone in 4 weeks could lead you to complications especially if you’re not used to losing weight. Remember, we all have different bodies. For some, losing a stone within 4 weeks might be effective and with no problems to their bodies. While for those people who have potentially a weak body, this challenge might lead to more serious problems. 
    • Our bodies are made differently. There are instances that certain activities will be easier to do by some, but difficult for others. That’s why it is important to first seek advice from an instructor or expert. Evaluating yourself will also help you know all the boundaries that you must never cross. 
    • Losing a stone is not a goal but is a mission. It’s more than the to have a good physical body but maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Within 4 weeks, you’ll be limiting yourself to certain foods and cutting down a lot of calories. If you think that you can do this challenge for 30 to 31 days, you’re free to try. However, the safest period of time for you to lose a stone is 8 to 12 weeks.

The Healthy Way to Lose a Stone

Always remember to balance everything. There are simple ways for you to lose a stone without rushing the progress. Here are some of the tips that you can follow to achieve your goal.

  • Drink more water
    • Did you know that drinking more water than usual can help you to lose some stone? It is said that drinking enough amount of water will enable your body to improve its mood and brain function. Additionally, you might experience the feeling of being bloated after drinking a lot of water. This might cause you to lose your appetite. This term is called “water weight”.
  • Create a healthy habit
    • Nothing beats more than having a healthy diet and a healthy habit. Through this activity, you’ll reach all your goals without even having a difficult time. Sometimes, people adopt fun habits to balance the work that they’re doing. Starting with small things will eventually help you to keep going. It doesn’t matter if you only progress in a small way, but what matters is that you continue to do it. 
  • Don’t stress too much
    • As we all know, stress can make you lose weight. However, stress is bad. Remember, you’re aiming to train in a balanced way. And so, knowing the external factors that can cause you stress and distancing yourself from them will help you to lose a stone more safely. Also, having too much stress is not only bad for the body but also for the mind. 
  • Invest in Training Tools
    • Training tools like gym equipment will help you to reduce weight. Also, it’s not only the training equipment that you should invest in but the attire that you’re going to use on training as well. We’re not saying that you should spend a lot of money on this stuff. But using proper tools that will help you improve and have smooth training will enable you to have a comfortable process of losing a stone. This might not be a major thing for you to focus on, but at least you can try to have some of these when you have money for it. It will definitely guarantee you have a better performance.