Lose a Stone in Three Weeks

To live a happy and healthy life is a plan that all try to achieve. Achieving a healthy yet aesthetically pleasing body is also what most people achieve. If your one of those people, you could try to lose a stone in just a few weeks.

It may sound impossible, but some made it happen. Some even post their results online. Influencers, celebrities, and others are doing and acknowledging the possibility of losing weight in a short amount of time. 

With people going along with this challenge and making it a habit, it became more fun and entertaining. If to give it a try, you’re reading the right article. Listed here are some of the ways you can do to lose a stone in three weeks – safely and healthily.


Three Weeks to Lose a Stone

You might have seen our articles on losing weight in a week or two. If those seem difficult, you can certainly try and lose weight in three week period. You can also consider it as a 21-day challenge. It is also possible to beat the target date, as long as you strictly follow your diet plan and training regimen.

Some also successfully did this within the said span. Below are tips and guides for you to follow.

Firstly, ensure that you’re in good condition. This doesn’t mean that this kind of activity isn’t safe, but it might cause something terrible if you are not in good shape. Keep in mind that losing a stone is never a joke. It’s mainly equivalent to losing 14 pounds within just three weeks.

Basically, for you to lose a stone in three weeks, you need to reduce at least 5 pounds per week. However, experts say you should only lose about 1-2 pounds per week to keep your body in shape and healthy.

Note that losing weight comes with a high-risk factor that can prolong your goal. You must be serious and dead set on losing weight. An excellent motivation for you is to lose a stone by Christmas. For you to have a reason to lose weight, who doesn’t want to look good for Christmas?

Additionally, try to seek professional help. Nothing wrong with asking for professional advice. You can also go through this without help, just simply follow the plan.


Lose a Stone in Three Weeks: Best Meals to Take

You must have the perfect meal combinations for you to successfully attain your goals in three weeks. Keep in mind that this meal guide or diet plan is not set on stone. You can customize your own food plan in a way that you are most comfortable with it.

There might be instances that people are allergic to some recommended food like nuts, milk, and dairy products. Foods with these kinds of ingredients are likely to be a part of the diet plan. With that, you might want to contact an expert to help you in balancing your diet. You can call your personal doctor to assist you in managing your diet plan.


The Breakfast Meals

It is the most important meal of the day. It really “breaks” your fast”. So you better not skip this meal because this is where everything starts. Your body will have a difficult time adjusting to the meals of the day when you skip breakfast. Also, do note to follow everything on your list. Make sure that the calorie count of each food is well calculated.

Serve your breakfast meals with some eggs, Greek yogurt, salad, berries, nuts, oatmeal, and tea. You can juggle some of this food every other day. People usually pair oatmeal with berries and combined it with salad as a side dish. 

For the drinks, some are used to having some tea and coffee during breakfast. But you can also have smoothies and fresh juices if you can. The side dish can consist of nuts, dark chocolates, and other handfuls of snacks. Still, do count the calories of the food you eat.


The Lunch Meals

If the breakfast suggestions saddened you, you can go for something else for lunch. Eggs will never leave your side throughout your weight loss journey. In fact, this kind of food needs to be your favorite. Not only that it is easy to eat, but it is also rich in protein. So, if you’ll probably notice in each meal there is an egg served.

You can try having different types of eggs. Hard-boiled egg during breakfast and omelette during lunch. It’s your call. Include some leafy green vegetables in your lunch dish. Then it’s time for salad as a part of the main meal.

The main part of your course may be salmon, chicken breast, or lean beef. Now, you can get creative with your meals during lunch. You can make a delicious and tasty meal that is healthy and balanced. For instance, you can take some of the best dishes of the well-known chefs around the world.

Moreover, you can also serve some baked potatoes and pasta on the side. Tuna is also one of the best meals that you can select and combine with the other meals. Also, don’t forget the beans and soups. Desserts can be dark chocolate, nuts, and berries.



If you went a bit heavy with for lunch, it’s now time to lay low with your dinner meal. This time is for you to slowly process down all the food that you have eaten throughout the day. Your supper should include food with low calories. This usually comes in the form of pasta, leafy vegetables, and soup with bread.


So, can I lose a stone in Three Weeks?

Having said all the tips and guidelines that you can follow, there’s no doubt that you can lose a stone in three weeks. The secret key for you to succeed is having discipline and patience. Expect that there are days that it’s hard to cope up with all the challenges.

No matter what happens, don’t ever give up on your goals. Always remember that everything you experience right now will define the outcome. Also, always look into the objective and main goal. That will surely help you with everything else. Furthermore, you can try reading books. 

If you found this article helpful, you may recommend some of the steps here to your friends and family. It’s more fun to fulfill your purposes with the people you love. Sometimes, it’s not only about helping, but it’s about bringing a happier and healthier life to other people as well.