Best Diet to Lose a Stone in a Month

One of the important ways for you to have a healthy and fit body is to have an appropriate diet plan. If you think that it’s easy to lose some weight by simply reducing all the things that you are eating, then you’re wrong.

For instance, to lose a stone means that you should have the right discipline and a proper mindset. Because this matter will help you drive all your efforts to reach your target and goal.


Nowadays, it’s not new to lose weight and go through fitness challenges. Eventually, people have become more creative in fulfilling their fitness goals. What’s more fun about this is that you can draw ideas from online fitness challenges and create one of your own. Plus, you’ve got all the time in the world now due to the pandemic.

This period will help you “plan” and discover more training exercises to help you accomplish your goals. However, to make this thought into reality, you must need an appropriate meal plan to lose a stone. If you’re interested to know more, we have some tips and guides for you below.


Losing a Stone in a Month

Before even trying to lose a stone in a month, you must have an idea of how to do it. You also must know if it’s a possible and safe activity. In doing so, you can assess yourself if you can’t do this fitness challenge.

To start, is it safe and possible to lose a stone in a month? The answer to that question depends on the person who tries it. It is possible to lose a stone within a month but with proper diet planning and training. Take note that in everything that you do, it’s not only about reducing the food that you eat. People have mistakenly doing it the wrong way for the past couple of years.

Some have thoughts of “If I can cut down all the deserts that I eat but still eat rice, I can lose a pound.” But mind you, it doesn’t work that way. To lose a stone means to lose 14 pounds. If you’re not that dedicated and focused enough, you will not reach your goals.


So, is it safe to lose a stone in a month?

Some are brave enough can go through the process and achieve their goals only in a week or two. Yet losing a stone in 1 week or 2 is not guaranteed as safe.

It is said that we are only allowed to lose six to eight pounds monthly. And if you’re goal is to lose a stone within a week, something horrible might occur. You are not only rushing the process, but you’re also rushing the progress.


Always remember that anything we tend to do quickly might lead to something worse. If your goal is set within a week and you’re not even following your diet, then you’re only trying to prolong everything.

Losing a stone in a month is safe to accomplish. You have at least 30 or 31 days to accomplish every task that you need to do. You could also get some help from professional instructors to help you manage your daily goals. Surely, once this is accomplished, it will be a habit for you to do regularly.


Guide and Tips: Best Diet Plan to Lose a Stone in a Month

To get the best results and achieve that dream body, here are some tips and guides to help you. Now take note that it shouldn’t be too strict, but ensure that everything is balanced. A well-maintained and balanced meal could help you. Read more down below.


Stress is Bad

Sometimes, the probable cause for you not reaching your goals is because of stress. If you are too distracted by all the problems and challenges going on in your life, you tend to forget important goals. Being an adult, you might shoulder responsibilities that you have to cope with every day. Like paying for the bills, taking care of your kids, working all day, and a lot more. However, when you feel that there is too much stress present and you cannot handle it anymore, take a break. This will be a big factor that will affect you losing weight.


Drink Water Before Eating


Water plays a big part in our health. We need water as much as anything in the world. This can help you lose a stone. Instead of drinking soda or alcohol, why not substituting that with water?


Burn the Calories!

When losing weight, don’t focus on the food you eat. Stand up and do some exercises. Following a diet plan without working out will never deliver the results you want.

Fitness tools will be your best friend when doing a workout. 

Fitness tools like gym items or even an Xbox with fitness apps can help you manage your body goals. Game consoles like PlayStation have games like Dance Central that can help you burn calories. Think of it as like Zumba but in a Digital Way. You could also follow training and dance videos on video streaming sites like YouTube. Imagine if you can do this every day, you might even lose a stone by Christmas (if your target date is before the holidays).


Get More Rest

If you love sleeping, then this idea wouldn’t even be a problem for you. It’s not only training, water, and a diet plan that will help you reduce stone, but also sleeping. So don’t waste any moment of getting the right amount of sleep. For those people who are encountering problems sleeping, their metabolism rate slows down to 20%. Additionally, did you know that sleeping produces the bulk of the results than going to the gym? You might probably want to sleep now.


Follow the Meal Plan

Like what we mentioned, always follow the meal plan. This plan consists of what kind of food are you going to eat from breakfast to dinner. It is essential to plan a pattern as it will help you loosen all the pounds. For you to have an idea, there’s a proper food combination that you should eat to balance all the calories that you’re taking. If you’re not familiar with this pattern, you can look it up on the internet for ideas or you can customize your meal plan. To help you with that, there is a calorie counter that enables you to determine the amount of food content present in the foods. Monitoring your calorie deficit is paramount, as well as taking the time to keep your diet plan on track.


Learn to Control



When anything else goes wrong, learn to control yourself. Most probably, there will be times that you’ll get tempted with food your friends are eating. The value of discipline enters here. If you think that your slowly losing way, always go back to where you started, and always think about your goals.

There are times that you’ll want to unwind to have some fun too. So try to discover how to balance everything without compromising your goals and your diet. Take note, it’s merely a 30-day challenge. The results will always depend on you.