Can I Lose a Stone in 2 Months?

Health is wealth. If there’s one thing that you should be working on, it should be your health. Especially in the world we’re currently living, health has become the topic of the year. A lot of people now have their own smart and creative ways on how to be healthy. Some are just simple, tried, and tested training programs. This may come in a way of push-ups, sit-ups, jogging or running.

Many are trying any programs they find on the internet, whether it be diet plans are training routines. Some would like to gain weight, bulk up, or lose weight. If you’re one of those who would like to lose weight, you’ve come to the right place. Some people want to lose weight quickly, lose a stone in a month, others prefer losing a stone by Christmas, or if you’re really in a hurry you could try to lose a stone in a week.

These may seem challenging, they are also risky. The shorter time you would give yourself to lose weight, the riskier. That’s why planning is paramount when trying any sort of program to lose weight. You can try to ask people for advice, however, it’s better to ask for advice from experts.

As stated above, if you plan to lose weight, you’re reading the right article. If you like to know more about how to lose weight in 2 months, continue reading.


Losing A Stone in 2 months: Achievable or Not?


Short answer: Yes. Without a doubt, it is possible for someone to lose weight in 60 days. Some even try to lose more than a stone and some of them are successful. Initially, experts suggest that the best way to lose some weight is cutting one to two pounds per week, and four to eight pounds per month. If that’s the case, you might even lose more weight than just a stone.

Thus, when you are about to do your weight-loss journey, there are a few steps that you must follow. However, unlike other plans, losing a stone in 2 months is much easier. With this kind of target, you’ll be able to achieve your goal and even maximize all your efforts without rushing the results.

The sad thing about some people is that they tend to do everything quickly. The thing is, they may see the results quickly, but their whole body might be at risk. For you to achieve your dream body, preparing for the whole process is advised. To get more details about it, we’ll help you with the things that you need to know. In the end, your main goal is not only to lose a stone but to gain a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Calculating a Stone Calorie

Right before we start, let’s take do some math. It is important to take note of calculating the calorie count before starting. Most people don’t put much thought into their diet plan and calculating the calorie intake. Which is a mistake when you’re trying to lose weight. To start, a stone is equivalent to 14 pounds. A pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories which means that to lose a stone you need to create an almost 49,000 calorie deficit in your diet. So, always watch what you eat. Take note that you have about 60 days to complete this challenger. Record and monitor the food in your diet plan for you to lose weight effectively.

For instance, there are some helpful calorie apps that will count the calories you consume. These things are usually helpful as you will no longer to compute everything manually. The good thing about it is that few applications give fixed food calorie content. It means that you can see each calorie content of a specific food. For examples like burgers, pizza, pie, and a lot more without having to check the package to see the calories of each food.


How much should I lose calories and how big can the deficit be?

When this tricky question comes along, the answer should always be straight to the point. There’s no accurate answer to this kind of question as everyone is unique in their own way. Each person has a different kind of figure, build, and more. So technically, trying to lose a stone in 2 months would be different for you, your friend, or a family member.

Never treat this as similar to everyone. There are times that “this” will work for you and “that” wouldn’t. Remember not to push yourself to any kind of activity especially when you can feel that your health is at risk.

Another factor that you should consider is your age. Obviously, those who are quite old might have a hard time to lose a stone. They may have some problems with their health or their body can’t cope up with the process. However, older people definitely need to focus on their health. So, that might give you a little bit of motivation there to never stop trying and maintain your body in shape.

Overall, remember not to compromise your health. Maintain the balance while not sacrificing other things just to lose a stone.


How should my Diet Plan be?


By now, you might have searched for a lot of food that could help you with your diet plan. A recommendation for you is to substitute your breakfast meal with rich-protein meals.

People often combine a lot of meals like having cereals but with salad, smoothies as drinks, and fresh fruits on the side. Never forget to add an egg to your diet plan. Eggs are considered one of the richest sources of protein.

Serve a light but healthy meal with precious minerals and proteins during lunch. You can make a sandwich with lots of veggies on the side, or you can make a burger with an appropriate calorie count. Or simply have beef with a handful of potato salad on the side. Take note, mind the calorie count! It is important!

Lastly, during supper, make sure that you fill half of your plate with vegetables. By this time, you can now try some of the dishes that you are supposed to try during lunch! However, make sure that it is not heavier than your lunch meal! The idea is to have a smaller healthy meal during this time.


It’s All On You

There you have it! Remember to read the safety tips and guidelines for you to follow. You can consider the rules and tips as our support to you.

You must remember that nothing’s easy during the early stages. Losing a stone in two months may seem hard to accomplish, but it is possible. If you have discipline, anything can come your way.

Always lookout for the positive things to happen in life. The results are always seen in the end because struggle and process is a vital part of development. Like in losing a stone, you will inevitably encounter a lot of challenges and problems that will test your abilities. If you can, push your efforts and be the best that you can be.