Lose a Stone in 12 Weeks

Losing a stone might sound difficult to do. Unless you’re determined and willing to sacrifice to lose weight, it will be a long journey for you. A lot should be done to lose weight, having the right diet plan, and following the right fitness routine. Don’t forget the small things as well, proper technique in exercises and counting the calories of the food you eat.

Luckily, this lockdown period has brought everyone’s attention to health. Most are now becoming aware of their health and they are becoming more careful about the things that eat. Recent news stated that losing weight could help you to avoid getting the virus. If you haven’t read or heard this news, you should start reading it now.


With the probable chance of avoiding the virus by losing weight, this might give you and people around the world an idea to follow a healthy lifestyle. If you think that 2020 hasn’t brought anything good to you, then this might be the signal for you to do something for yourself. Scroll down to learn more.


Lose a Stone: The 12 Week Challenge

As everyone knows, the paramount thing to do for you to lose a stone is reducing your food intake and cutting down the calories. Fitness is 30% exercise, 70% nutrition. So if you exercise all day and eat McDonalds, you will definitely not lose weight.

You can find guidelines and tips on the internet if it’s your first time planning a diet plan and training routine. Also, other platforms like Youtube will help you in setting up your mood by searching workout music or educational videos for fitness and health. Like the success stories from the people who tried the fitness challenge. 

You will not only progress on your own, but you’ll be able to influence others going through the process. Like those people, we also want to help you in achieving the body you want. So if you’re excited to know how to lose a stone within 12 weeks or lose a stone within three months, then keep scrolling down this post now.


The Major Process

The process of losing a stone within three weeks lies with your value of discipline and patience. You’ll undoubtedly be needing these two until you reach your goal. The planning phase might be one of the challenging things to do, but it will help you to know yourself better and identify all the things that are necessary for your fitness journey. 

Your diet should be well-balanced and calories should be well-counted. It is not as simple as “I won’t eat this because it contains a lot of sugar content on it” or “I will eat because it tastes delicious, and it’s healthy.” There’s one success story of a woman who lost not only a stone but three stones within 12 weeks. She had an intense glow-up after losing a lot of weight for 12 weeks. If you think about it, three stones are equivalent to 53 pounds. You can conclude that she probably lost a stone every month.


The secret to her success is her meticulous diet plan and training program. She served well-calculated food during breakfast, lunch, and dinner and kept it up throughout her weekly workout. Like any person who’s on a diet, you’ll often hear people eating food that is rich in protein and other nutrients. 

This person is dedicated and wanted to achieve her goal. If that woman did it, and so can you. Sometimes, you just need to be brave and take the plunge. However, it’s important that you are trying this activity safely. After all, your health should always be your number one priority.

So always remember that you should never go beyond what’s planned. Only you know your limits. Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Is 12 Weeks a Long Way to Go?

Losing weight in 12 weeks is a long process. Most people rush this part because they wanted to see the results sooner. It is still highly suggested for you to take things slow and move within the suggested pace. 

Also, if you already have a plan on your own, follow those instructions and continue doing your best. Remember, to lose a stone is a big challenge to do. You’re not talking about losing 5 pounds, but you are trying to cut 14 pounds of your weight. Though it feels too much, never feel pressured with losing this kind of amount. Take little steps as you move through each phase.

Another thing to do is to instill the value of discipline. This is an excellent way for you to not rush. In the twelve weeks, think of it as an opportunity to do all the things lightly and keep your feet steady. Don’t rush towards the finish line.

Overall, assess yourself first before jumping into this challenge. Whatever you do, focus on your goal and maintain a connection with all of the people who bring positivity to your life. These people help you motivate yourself.

So, I can lose a Stone within 12 weeks?


YES. You can lose weight within 12 weeks. Just make sure to follow all the instructions of your diet plan and training program. Understand that you’ve got a long way to go. Some even try to do this for just a week or two weeks. It’s not recommended for you to do this due to the many risk factors of rushing weight loss.

There are still a lot of ways for you to lose a stone, you could look it up on the internet for various meal plans and training programs. Keep all your progress on track to ensure that you have a balanced and well-trained body after 12 weeks.