5 Ways to Lose Your Holiday Belly

1. Forget about it

First of all, forget about all the damage you did over the holidays. Any mishaps or times of overindulgence you had, forget them, move on and focus on the present. Shift your focus from the negative to the positive, and you’ll be on your way to lose a stone. From my experience, I went a bit too mad myself and had well over my fair share of junk. I’m not going to dwell on them though, I just have to forget it and move on. By doing this, you’ll soon find your groove again.

2. Slow and steady

It doesn’t matter if you went overboard during Christmas, what matters is how are you going to deal with it. The best thing to do is to get rid of the weight in manageable chunks. The phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race’ has stood the test of time for a reason. Focus on the present. Will Smith says (in terms of achievement) you should lay a brick each day and soon you’ll have a wall (your goal). Mr. Smith has gained his success through his failure, so whatever damage you’ve done over the holidays, you can reverse it when you focus on the ‘daily bricks’ of your goal. When you want to lose a stone, adopting the ‘slow and steady’ mentality will help you out tremendously.

3. Throw that crap out

Whatever leftovers you have from the holidays, be it Christmas cake, biscuits, those horrible sweets that are always left in the boxes, or whatever junk you might have since the holidays – throw them out. Those will not do you a favor. If you really want to lose weight, you must have a diet plan that makes you eat healthy food. Having that unhealthy food will only tempt you to eat them. So throw those away to make room for better and healthier food.

4. Stock up on healthier options

Now that you’ve thrown all the junk out, you’ll have loads of room for the healthier options. Stock up on plenty of lean proteins (eggs, fish, meat, poultry, etc.), veggies, fruit, nuts, brown rice, quinoa (get a big pile of that), sweet potatoes, and wholegrain bread. Build your meals for 6 days a week then on the 7th day you can indulge a little. This will have a dramatic impact on your ability to lose a stone.

5. Get moving

Exercise certainly plays its part in helping you lose that holiday belly, but make sure you’re exercising in a way you enjoy. If you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll stick to it longer. It doesn’t matter if it’s swimming, or you prefer resistance and weight training. Do what you love doing.