Obesity More Likely Than Impeachment To Stop Donald Trump

As Donald Trump says farewell to the White House and with many calling for his impeachment, it appears the most likely way to stop him effectively campaign for re-election is to prevent him from going on a diet. Donald Trump is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs approximately 250 lbs, making him obese—carrying extra pounds when younger has far less risk than carrying them in later life and he’s 74 years old. Many diet and fitness experts predict that if Trump doesn’t lose at least three stones, this could majorly affect his health within the next few years.

Donald Trump is renowned for being a teetotaler, so he gets most of his calories from food. The ex-President stays clear of alcohol, coffee, and pizza. Although he has been public with his favorites, including KFC and cherry-vanilla ice cream. In fact, during his time in the White House, he would often spend the day on Twitter while wolfing down McDonald’s Egg McMuffins, a bucket of chicken and cuts of well-done steak, washed down by diet coke.

The former President enjoys the opulence of fine dining as well. One of Donald Trumps’ favorite eateries is the 21 Club. The 21 Club is an 88-year-old destination for New York’s power brokers, and it is situated just five blocks away from Trump Tower. Former President Trump is said to love the restaurant, dining with his wife at table 11.

The only real exercise he is known to take was playing golf, and he doesn’t do much walking as he would navigate around the course on his Golf Buggy.

In later life, a host of issues can be exasperated with obesity. Metabolic syndrome is one of the most significant complications of obesity in the elderly. This clustering of risk factors, including increased waist circumference, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and glucose intolerance, increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Being obese can put added stress and strain on the joints leading to mobility impairment and joint dysfunction. This leads to obstructive sleep apnea and pulmonary dysfunction. Certain cancers are associated with higher BMIs, including uterine cancer, colon cancer, and leukemia.

If Donald Trump were to lose just over three stone, it would boost his life expectancy considerably. That weight loss would bring him down to about 205 pounds, which would give him a BMI of around 25.

So there you have it. Whether you love him or loathe him, the main obstacle to his potential next presidential run may not be impeachment; it is more likely to be ill-health due to obesity.