Diet Plan of Action Bronson

Over the previous nine months, rapper and chef Action Bronson has undergone a dramatic physique makeover. Bronson felt it was time to get in shape as many of us acclimated to working from home during the pandemic. The Queens-born singer told Men’s Health that the birth of his son last year spurred him to lose 8.5 stone in the last nine months.

He told a magazine that he had been a huge boy his entire life and that things had gotten out of hand. His entire profession revolved around leading a fast-paced, difficult life. And he pulled himself together, and there he was, shredded at 18 stone, in December.

Bronson added that in addition to frequent the gym and “willpower,” modifying his diet was critical to his weight loss. Bronson starts his day with protein drinks and gently cooked eggs. To squeeze working out into his hectic schedule, the rapper gets up at 4:30 a.m. Bronson likes to start his morning with a protein shake and lightly scrambled eggs before lifting, bench pressing, and hitting a boxing bag.

Bronson’s special protein shake recipe includes olive oil, fruit, almonds, almond milk, and protein. He normally makes two portions of the shake: one for before the workout and one for immediately after. For his eggs, Bronson likes to avoid any browning — like most professional chefs.  The chef’s lunch consists of 5 to 10 egg whites along with chicken — but that doesn’t stop him from mixing it up occasionally.

He tries to eat as soon as he finishes his training, Bronson told an interviewer. Five to ten egg whites, chicken, and “plenty of broccoli” dressed in olive oil and garlic are on the chef’s menu. Bronson had to put forth a lot of effort to avoid bad munching. He’s replaced it with a third protein shake and roasted almonds with cinnamon, honey, and cayenne pepper, which he drinks throughout the day.

Even though he has his go-to lunch, he doesn’t mind being a little more daring with his meal selections, as long as it’s within reason. “It’s so hard to tell you what I eat because it’s different day-to-day. My mother-in-law may be there and she’s making sopita — you can’t say no to that, but it’s healthy,” Bronson said.

Bronson prefers to have a low-carb meal for dinner, which usually consists of broccoli and chicken. Bronson’s dinners consist of grilled chicken and broccoli, much like the rest of his day. While the chef is content with his new lifestyle, he still misses carbs like pizza and delicious pasta. Except for raw sweets like cocoa and almond butter and the odd baklava, a sweet confection his Albanian family eats exclusively on rare occasions, Bronson has completely removed dessert out of his life.

He planned his diet to be tailored for his lifestyle. In doing so making loose a ton of weight. Want to lose weight like Bronson? Check out our articles!