The Stunning Weight Loss of Jennifer Hudson

At age 29, Jennifer Hudson has already accomplished many exciting things in her life. First came the launch of her professional singing career with American Idol. Then came acting success with her Oscar win for her performance in Dreamgirls. Jennifer followed that with a 2008 Grammy win for Best R&B Album and she’s been unstoppable ever since.

Jennifer Hudson is a singer, actress, mother, and survivor of a family tragedy, and now she’s adding a new position to her already hectic schedule: weight loss motivation. She has slimmed down and shaped up with the help of Weight Watchers, and now has a svelte new physique and a rejuvenated outlook on life. “It’s like a brand new me,” Jennifer says. “Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself.”

So, Jennifer, how much weight did you lose? She is hesitant to reveal a number at first. She claimed that she dislikes counting pounds and prefers to look at it in terms of age. “I feel like I gained 10 years of my life back,” she said. Jennifer’s Weight Watchers leader, Liz, explains: “People get wrapped up in the pounds. … The message is: You’ve got to find what feels good for you. Who cares about the number?”

Accordingly in an interview with Oprah, Jennifer spilled the beans when Oprah opened up her weight. Oprah says, “This is the thing: I understand because I understand the shame of having a heavy number. I’ve been as high as 237, at the doctor’s office lying that I was 230, like those seven pounds made a difference. So, I know that part. But once you’ve [lost the weight], it’s a victory.” Jennifer ultimately said that she lost 6 stones!

When someone loses as much weight as Jennifer, everyone wonders how they did it. Jennifer’s Weight Watchers leader, Liz, claims that Jennifer lost weight by abandoning her old diet practices and adopting Weight Watchers techniques—but Jennifer first refused to listen. Liz recalls, “She was literally doing her own thing.”

Jennifer gained weight three weeks after starting her weight-loss plan. Jennifer’s aha! moment, according to Liz. Jennifer agreed to try Liz’s diet for a week, counting Weight Watchers points, eating in moderation, and even allowing herself to reintroduce things like pizza and ice cream. “The first week, she dropped weight,” Liz explains.

Jennifer claims that the actual reason she couldn’t lose weight in the past was because she didn’t know how to eat. “Weight Watchers stepped in at that point,” she recalls. Some may argue that Jennifer was able to lose weight because she is a celebrity who is compensated by Weight Watchers, has a personal trainer, and works with a chef. Jennifer asserts that this is not the case. “I cook all my meals at home. When I work out, I like what I do. I don’t believe in overdoing myself,” she says. “It’s all about self-motivation because at the end of the day, you can have all the trainers and all the money in the world, but if you don’t have that mindset, it’s not possible.”

Part of what gave Jennifer the motivation to lose weight this time, she says, was giving birth to her son. “I’m sure you women can relate,” she says. “Most of all, I wanted my body back. So, I made up my mind while I was pregnant that as soon as I have my baby, I’m going in and I am determined.” Jennifer enjoys shopping for new clothes because of her new shape and slim figure. “It’s so much fun, I can’t even sleep at night because I can’t wait to find out what I’m going to wear the next day,” she says.

Tim Gunn of Project Runway has also remarked on Jennifer’s style and weight loss, claiming that she belongs on Hollywood’s best dressed lists. “Jennifer before the weight loss? Stunning,” Tim says. “Since the weight loss? Staggering.”

Jennifer and many of her family members now say they look and feel better as a result of losing weight. Jennifer’s exceptional talent, however, has remained constant throughout her life, regardless of her size.

Jennifer Hudson is the epitome of moving forward. Whatever you gone through your life, you always move forward. It now depends on how. Her weight loss journey may have a shaky start, but she eventually figured it out. Did she inspire to lose weight? Read our other articles in this website! We have a ton more than can help you start your weight loss journey.