Sherri Shepherd Weight Loss Journey

Sherri Shepherd is in better shape than she’s ever been despite losing over a stone as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. She is an actress, comedian, author, and television personality from the United States. She recently told a magazine that she is feeling the best she has ever felt at 54 years old. Additionally, she said, “My goal is to be living a long and active life with my son Jeffrey, who shares the same birthday as me.”

The actress was also inspired to lose weight after realizing how critical her health was during the pandemic, according to her 16-year-old son, who has been a big influence in her weight loss journey. She said she gained weight during COVID and decided she wanted to get back to the basics, which she described as a lifestyle change. Adding that she felt more inspired than ever after seeing so many people affected by the pandemic in terms of health.

To stay motivated, the former “View” host entered Healthy Wage, a weight-loss program with a cash reward, and was able to lose nearly 1 stone with a new diet and active lifestyle. “I walked 3 miles, four times a week, did Zumba in my backyard and I started boxing. Now, I roller skate three times a week, and I’m also taking pole dancing lessons, and call myself a pole-dancer-like-ish woman!” She said.

She also received assistance from a classmate, who agreed to join her in a 30-day pushup challenge in which they would both do 50 pushups per day. She said, “Completing that challenge was a major breakthrough for me.” Shepherd also spoke about how mixing intermittent fasting with the keto diet helped her lose weight. “I had already been off sugar for two years; so I then made the difficult decision to give up dairy, pork, and beef,” she said. “I love eggs with avocados, onions and peppers, and grilled chicken and salads. I love to make kale chips as a snack.”

She said that she also started cooking her meals, which has made a huge difference because she knows exactly what ingredients are in the food she prepares. The “30 Rock” actress shared that she has lost over 1 stone since the start of the lockdown and a total of 2.5 stones since she began her health journey.

“I realized I was able to make changes and be physically active to get my health in a better position,” she told People. Shepherd made her dramatic weight loss public last week. The 5-foot-2 comic has been vocal about her weight issues for a long time. She weighed 14 stone in 2012, but she’s lost weight since then, taking out sugar in 2018.

The pandemic may have brought a sudden change to the world, but others saw this as an opportunity to better themselves. Shepherd has been going through her weight loss journey step-by-step and she is only just starting. Want to lose weight like Sherri Shepherd, we have tons of articles on this website. Check them out!