The Struggle With Weight and Image

Everyone at one point of their lives will find themselves standing in front of a mirror and asking why do they look the way they do? We spend so much time with ourselves, enough for us to see and remember what looks “wrong” and doesn’t match the beauty standards of our society.

Men are expected to be tall, anything shorter than 6 feet is considered “too short.” They are expected to fit a specific body type that is often referred to as the “inverted triangle” or “trapezoid” shape. Besides body image, they are discouraged from opening up and seeking mental health related help when in reality, physical and mental health go hand in hand and may directly affect each other.

Women, usually from a very young age, are taught how they should behave and how they should present themselves. In their first few years, whatever is seen as a flaw is changed or removed by her family immediately. Clothes are catered to specific body types and if you didn’t fit into that, you’d feel like something was wrong. Women who naturally grow hair on their body are deemed “dirty” in some cases.

In general, people that lean towards the heavier side are seen as irresponsible no matter how much we try to educate others on different body types and metabolisms. Although one shouldn’t be judged based on their weight, it may increase one’s risk from developing certain diseases so it is important to address it if you observe something like your everyday life getting a little harder to navigate.

If you’re looking for easy ways to lose weight, take the advice of many celebrities we have covered in this website, pick a workout routine and stick to it until results are visible. You may choose to go for something your family or friends recommend. Some famous types of exercises are Zumba and Pilates, but easy options such as walking and running are an option as well. Check the benefits of Zumba in our article and consider reading about Pilates as well, a famous type or exercise among celebrities and idols.

By incorporating music and dancing into your exercise, time will fly by and you wouldn’t feel that you just lost a ton of calories. Everything starts with a routine that you don’t have to force. To people that seek to lose weight, they tend to be used to a sedentary lifestyle. On top of getting up early, getting active right away is very hard to do. The change has to be gradual. After all, just like a lot of things in life, losing weight should not be straining or treated as a race because the more you hate it, the more likely you are to drop it and just return to how things used to be. You wouldn’t want all your hard work to go to waste, do you?

In terms of diet, eating less is sometimes what people assume we should do. In a way, this is true, but you just have to choose what kind of food you need to take less or stop overall. Cheat days are meant to be rewards, not something you should keep spoiling yourself with, and in general, too much of anything is bad for our bodies.

You only have one body. Sure, you may think that going out with your friends to eat is something you must do but it shouldn’t have to be that way all the time, moderate the amount and time you decide to indulge. Your body will suffer if you keep following a lifestyle that you think makes you happy but it will damage you in the long run.

Don’t eat too many of those chips, we’re certain it would taste better if you reward yourself with it. Weight loss is accompanied with hard work and patience. Be kind to yourself and soon, you will see the rewards of your hardwork soon.