How Simon Cowell Lost a Stone

Simon Cowell has recently displayed his weight loss as he steps out for a walk in London. He reportedly shed about 1 stone since his accident with an electric bike.

Simon Cowell is a well-known television personality, entrepreneur, and record executive. He was a judge for numerous singing and talent competitions like Britain’s Got Talent, X-Factor UK, and currently, America’s Got Talent. The former boyband was once signed to Cowell’s record label, gaining huge fame and widespread acclaim throughout their tenure as a band.

Simon, aged 61, is five-foot-nine and weighs about 180 pounds or about 12 stones. That makes his BMI (Body Mass Index) 26.6, this means he’s at the overweight category. This category comprises of BMI’s of 25 to 29.9, higher than this makes them obese.

The record mogul’s weight loss journey of the started when the electric bike he owned ‘flew up in the air and did an accidental wheelie’ when he tried to change gears. He was surprised by the power of the bike that nearly paralyzed him. The incident occurred while he was testing it at his home in Malibu, he was immediately taken to the hospital where he underwent back surgery in the same day.

This incident made him sit out the renewed series of Britain’s Got Talent to focus more on his injuries and subsequent recovery. A vegan, Cowell was made to put on weight in order to aid in his recovery. But fortunately, he was successful in keeping the weight off. It was revealed that he started his plant based diet in 2019, slowly and successfully losing weight in the process. This happened when a visit to his doctor in London, the doctor told him the Cowell has the worst diet in all of his patients.

He also follows a strict fitness regime, he was seen lifting weights on a yacht on a vacation in Barbados. He was able to keep his physique while recovering from injuries.

Now, he lost more than a stone with his diet and training regime, which impressed a lot of people. David Williams, a close friend and fellow judge on Britain’s Got Talent, joking called Cowell a ‘skinny b***h’. Amanda Holden, another fellow judge, claimed that Cowell’s weight loss is him switching his preferred alcoholic beverage to ‘Skinny Lager’.

Simon has definitely asked fitness experts and professionals on his consumption of alcohol. They said that he can’t have red meat, dairy, sugar, and gluten. He then asked about alcohol to which their answer was, ‘Not as much as before’.

Simon Cowell also attributes fatherhood as another reason for losing weight. He stated in an interview that his son, Eric, had a massive impact on his views. Stating, ‘When you become a dad, something clicks in you… You become very protective and importantly, part of the reason I changed everything in my life.’ However, his son has challenged Simon’s resolve to follow his diet plan. He said that ‘The only difficult thing is when Eric orders a pizza… that’s the number one thing I miss.’

Now the record label executive weighs about 160 pounds or about 11 stones. That makes his current BMI 23.6, which is in the normal category.

Do you want to lose a stone like Simon Cowell? Be strict with yourself to always follow your fitness regime, never act on your temptation when on a diet plan, and limit alcohol consumption and you will definitely lose a stone.